YREA winter 2021 news & views
NIMBY- nothing green about nukes
Funding new, dirty, dangerous small modular (nuclear) reactors (SMRs) is not the path to a green recovery in our present climate crisis. There should never be a trade-off between the nuclear industry’s desire to expand and the public’s right to be protected from radioactive pollutants, which are routinely released from nuclear facilities. Exemptions from public input, expert review &  impact assessment of SMRs is troubling given that people in the Ottawa Valley are already subjected to radioactive releases with tritium in the air, groundwater, and the sewer system. Release of only one-millionth of a gram of plutonium induces cancer and lasts 500,000 years. There is no country in the world that has been able to deal with nuclear waste safely & permanently. A radioactive waste repository in Germany from the 1970s showed serious cracks in 1988. Only 18 years. If Canada supports this foolhardy venture just to placate the west & because Saskatchewan would love to mine more of its uranium we will indeed be leaving the most dreadful legacy for future generations. Outrageous! - when renewable wind & solar are cheaper, safer, greener & available right now. The hare-brained thinking is to install in some remote communities but thankfully Anishinabek in Ontario unanimously oppose reactors on their territoryLearn more about SMRs.

Sustainable, ethical, responsible investing
Detox yourself & your home
YREA has a fact sheet on the toxicity of fabric softeners & dryer sheet, but laundry detergents need some scrutiny especially with the overabundant inclusion of toxic ingredients & fragrances. 
Are those hand sanitizers getting under your skin? Over 100 have been recalled. Check out what to avoid. Learn about common household items that are not very good for the environment.
We can reduce plastic waste beyond just bags. Take empty shampoo & laundry detergent containers to be refilled at many locations in the GTA. Or how about Front Porch Refillery? Just leave your containers at your door. You can also bring your own container (byoc) to the  Replenish General Store in Aurora which is helping customers shift away from single use plastics by offering package-free goods & a reusable container program for bulk refills. 
Not all honey is the real thing...
Imported fake honey is pouring into Canada from a number of countries including Greece, China, India, Pakistan & Vietnam. It is diluted with corn, rice or beet sugars, can contain high amounts of antibiotics & is much cheaper than real honey. Good reason to read the label and buy Product of Canada as all the Canadian honey tested by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) was the real thing. Check out Pioneer Brand in KIng Township for local honey & One Root in Vaughan for boreal honey.
Calling all members! YREA AGM February 27, 2pm
Mark your calendar and plan to attend YREA's first virtual AGM. A very short business part will be followed by the launch of our Pesticides & GMOs - a must see presentation. All YREA donors & members are welcome to attend. Renew your membership of $25 or more then RSVP to get on our AGM list.
Nature is our saving grace
Get outside and enjoy our wonderful winter air. With a camera, binoculars, cross country skiis, fat tires on your bike or ice cleats on your boots you will be ready for anything.

Check out footprints to guess what wildlife are nearby. Remember that coyote & fox prints are much smaller than the average dog's. Try and see if opossums are about. Their hind paw print looks like it has a thumb.