Bits & Tips: March 2016 Edition

YUConnects offers unique social events, targeted matchmaking and educational programs to foster healthy relationships toward marriage. 
It is self-funded and open to the entire Jewish community.
Recent Engagements 

242 Engagements & Counting!

Shani Horwitz of Rananna, Israel and
Ben Goldshtein of Bnei Brak, Israel. Matched by  Raizy Stein.

Ahuva Weltman of Los Angeles, CA and
Naftali Hirschberg of Dallas, TX. 
Matched by  Michelle Mond.

Elana Rosen  of Tean eck, NJ and
 Max Baruch of Hollis, NY. 
Matched by Susie Fenyes.

Neeli Rhodes  of Passaic, NJ and
Eli Portal  of Woodmere, NY.
Matched by  Miriam Schiffman.

 Mazel tov to all!
to YUConnects in honor of an engaged couple!

Happy Purim!

Join over 200 YUConnects and SawYouAtSinai members who have already contributed toward Purim baskets for their favorite Connectors.  An easy and great way to show your gratitude for their continuous help and dedication!

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New Connectors
Tamar Bezalely
Yocheved Zion
Smile of the Month!
"Date someone who gives you the same feeling as when you see your food coming at the restaurant!" 
Meet our  New Student Intern!
  Hi Everyone, my name is Ahuva (Goldstein) Levine
and I am the spring student intern here at YUConnects. I am married and have an adorable six month old little boy, named Ephraim. I am getting a masters in Mental Health Counseling from LIU Post and will be graduating this summer. I love to cook and am always on the lookout for new recipes to try. I enjoy working in the YUConnects office and look forward to meeting any members.  I work  Monday through Thursday. Feel free to contact me through the site or call at:
Shiur Spotlight 
of the Month

Looking for Love 
in  All the Right Places
by Shani Taragin

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and other dating resources !
Our Bergen County Benefit 
was a huge success.
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upcoming events

Educational Forum  at Stern College
What: Making the Connection: Dispelling Relationship Myths in Dating, Marriage, and Abuse.
When: Tuesday, March 1st at 7:30pm- 9:00pm
Where: Yagoda Commons, Beren Campus, Stern College

DRS/SKA Alumni Trivia Night
What: Reconnect with Rabbeim, teachers, and friends at an Interactive multimedia trivia game with sushi & a dairy buffet!
When: March 5th at 8:30pm
Where: 5 Towns-SKA High School
Who: Classes of 2007-2012 of DRS/SKA H.S.
Cost: $18

To register:  Click Here

Meet the Matchmaker Night
What: Meet multiple matchmakers during a 45 minute session
When: Monday, March 14th at 7:30pm - 10:00pm
Who: 20 to 39 yrs old
Where: Young Israel of Woodmere
Cost: Free for preregisters and $10 at the door
Limited spots available.
To register: Email your first and last name, telephone number, your YUConnects or Saw You At Sinai username if you are already a member to

JICNY Connections Mega-Event
What: A night with Ronn Torossian, mixology, and gourmet desserts!
When: Sunday, Feb. 28th at 7:00pm
Who: 35-50 yrs old
Where: Upper West Side, NYC
Cost: $36 online and $50 at the door.
To Register:

Wesley Hills Shabbaton
When: March 11th- 12th
Who: Modern Orthodox Machmir Singles, ages 25-35
Cost: $136 for registration before March 1st.
To Register:

Monthly Insight 
Professional Op-Ed    
To Text or Not To Text...
I, personally, like texting. It is far less intrusive than phone calls to receive, you can think of how you want to phrase things when you're the writer, you can even correct what you want as you go along, and you know you are not bothering the recipient.
That said, my daily life is still 90% personal contact as I am a therapist. So from my own experience, like everything else, using texting versus talking is a matter of balance. For example, I would not tell a client of mine something by text that would surprise him or her emotionally. Nor would I say anything that could be construed as hurtful.
So what is okay to text?
I remember someone I know came home from his first date with the girl who later became his wife. He was grinning from ear to ear. I think he just "knew." He told me he didn't even bother with the matchmaker at that point; he texted the girl for a second date as he was on his way home. He figured that it would afford her a little protection because she could always decide not to reply if she didn't want to. She did reply, and the rest, with two (very cute) children later, is history. Clearly, that worked for him!
Texting is great when just starting a new relationship to:
1. schedule times and places to meet
2. talk about particulars of what to do
3. exchange necessary information
Never end a relationship by text. Being rejected through the cold silence of a cell phone can be very hurtful and not show the "mentchlichkeit" that we all wish to display.
And, naturally, texting isn't the proper forum for a deeper, and more meaningful, conversation. Nothing connects as well as face-to-face meetings where body language assists in conveying the proper message.
Let's all take advantage of the positive aspects of texting and maximize this useful tool when developing relationships.
Contributed by: 
Dr. Deb Hirschhorn, Ph.D.
Contact information: 646-543-7332

YUConnects Pay It ForWed
Did you know that YUConnects has many resources for newly engaged couples? Check out our website to see what we offer. And, your donation to our non-profit will entitle you to unique tefilla cards for use at your chuppa. Should you be blessed with making a Simcha, your support of YUConnects can ensure others benefit as well. What a beautiful way to " Pay it ForWed!
Wedding Checklist  for the Wedding Day 
Beautiful Tefilla Cards  f or use at the Chuppah  Ceremony 
* A List of Kallah and Chosson Teachers  within your  community. Call our office for recommendations. 
Tribute Cards  to give in celebration of the big day

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