Bits & Tips: January 2016 Edition
Recent Engagements 

232 Engagements & Counting...

Michael of Overland Park, KS and
Leah of Cleveland, OH. Matched by   Mrs. Judy Azulay.

Joshua of Oak Park, MI and
Rina of Oak Park, MI. Matched 
by  Dr. Tova Weinberg.
Yonason of Passaic, NJ and
Julia of Pittsburgh, PA. Matched by   Dr. Tova Weinberg.

Plus another newly-engaged couple met at the YUConnects/Young Israel of Woodmere DineNMeet in June. Special Mazel Tov to the happy couple!

 Mazel tov to all!
to YUConnects in honor of an engaged couple!

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Read about events, activities and great links for hot topics in dating! 
Center for the Jewish Future
Yeshiva University 
500 W 185th St., Furst Hall 421
New York, New York 10033
212-960-5400 x 6163

Shmooze with the Sobolofskys

What: Dating Tips: Q & A with Rabbi and Rebbetzin Sobolofsky 
When:  Thursday night, January 14th
Where: 10:30 PM Glueck Hall
This program is for the Men of the RIETS Yeshiva Bein Hasemesterim program

DineNMeet is going skiing...
Tips From the Trenches    
Advice from friends...
Helpful or Harmful?

The next time a friend asks you if you feel so and so would be good idea for them, think more than twice before offering your opinion. Unless there is some major flaw in the person being discussed, it is not a good idea for you to make that decision for them. Think of couples you know who are married now.
If it was up to you, would you have put them together? If you cannot answer "yes" to all those couples, then I am sure you will realize that only Hashem knows who belongs with whom. So let's leave it up to the couple - and Hashem - to decide!

Contributed by Mrs. Hadassa Goldsmith
Experienced YUConnects' Connector 

YUConnects Pay It ForWed
- Did you know that YUConnects has many resources for newly engaged couples? Check out our website to see what we offer. And, your donation to our non-profit will entitle you to unique tefilla cards for use at your chuppa. Should you be blessed with making a Simcha, your support of YUConnects can ensure others benefit as well. What a beautiful way to " Pay it ForWed!
Wedding Checklist  for the Wedding Day 
Beautiful Tefilla Cards f or use at the Chuppah  Ceremony 
* A List of Kallah and Chosson Teachers  within your  community. Call our office for recommendations. 
Tribute Cards  to give in celebration of the big day

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December 2015 
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