Chag Kasher V'Sameach 
Bits & Tips: April 2016 Edition

YUConnects offers unique social events, targeted matchmaking and educational programs to foster healthy relationships toward marriage. 
It is self-funded and open to the entire Jewish community.
Recent Engagements 

248 Engagements & Counting!

Simi Nachman of Woodmere, NY and
Raphy Sassieni of Chicago, IL. Matched by  Raquel Betesh.

Rena Shulman of Holliswood, NY and
Mordy Ogorek of Lawrence, NY. 
Matched by  Devorah Nadelbach.

Esti Levy  of West Hempstead , NY  and
 Moshe Schrieber  of Edison, NJ 
Matched by Simone Wruble 
and Kelly Drang.

Clarice Shkedy  of Houston, TX and
Daniel Itshakov  of North Woodmere, NY.
Matched by  Shani Safier.

Rena Resnick of Teaneck, NJ and  
Elan Sherman of New York, NY. 
Matched by Leora and Aaron Kor.

 Mazel tov to all!
to YUConnects in honor of an engaged couple!
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New Connector, 
Miriam Greenspan
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March 28,2016 Click Here

A well-kept secret to long-term attraction in marriage.
Shiur Spotlight 
of the Month

A Fresh Perspective on Dating
by Mrs. Dina Schoonmaker

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upcoming events

Meet and Greet at Stern College
What:  Come meet the staff of YUConnects and enjoy free pizza and snacks!
Bonus: Promo code given when you stop by! 
When: Tuesday, April 5th at 12:15pm - 2:30pm
Where: Yagoda Commons, Beren Campus, Stern College (215 Lexington Avenue).
Questions: Email

Shabbaton in Philadelphia
and YUConnects Shabbaton in Philadelphia.
When: May 13-14th, 2016
Who: Ages 25-35
Cost: $56
To Register: Email

DVASH Game Night
What: DVASH Game night with Sushi and Trivia!
Who:  Ages 25-35 
When: Monday, April 11 at 6:30pm
Where:  NYC
RSVP to attend Click Here

YUConnects Benefit Breakfast
Sunday, May 22nd 
at the home of Michelle and Eli Salig 
in Lawrence, NY.

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Monthly Insight 
Professional Op-Ed    
Is it Me? 
Emotional Neediness and Relationships

Sometimes it seems like your relationship needs are not being met. When this happens, it is not always easy to know whether you have legitimate concerns or whether you are being petty, juvenile, intense, etc. All of us have emotional needs - when do legitimate emotional needs become neediness?
Neediness is characterized by placing too much importance on one person or relationship, which causes us to make too many demands on them. If you are feeling like you constantly chase someone for closeness with no reciprocity from their end, you may be playing a needy role in the relationship.
If you think you might be acting needy, take a good look at the feelings you're having. What scares you about being alone, or being without this person/relationship? Are your beliefs about your need for this person/relationship realistic? Are you being reasonable about what you think they owe you?
Think about ways that you can nurture yourself rather than looking to others. Broadening your social circle is a good way to make sure you are not too dependent on any one person or relationship. Focusing on your own personal growth will help you tone down pursuing behaviors.
Finally, consider whether your feeling of neediness may signal an unhealthy dependence on this person/relationship. If that is the case, it may be wise to leave the relationship and seek one where your healthy and realistic emotional needs will be better met.

Contributed by: 
Dr. Khaya Eisenberg, Ph.D.
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who offer  continuous guidance and support.
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