Dear YULA Family,

As we informed you last night, a member of the YULA Boys community is being tested for COVID-19, and those results will not be available to us until the weekend. Baruch HaShem, this person is feeling well, but out of an abundance of caution (as we communicated last night) we closed school to our students for the remainder of the week.

The member of the YULA Boys community referenced above did attend AIPAC Policy Conference with our school. Again, there is no indication at this time that he has the virus.

The recommendation of the health professionals, with whom we have been in constant communication, is that there is no need to quarantine members of our group who attended AIPAC Policy Conference or take any further precautions as a school community.

We will continue to provide timely updates with you as we receive them over the next few days.

As per CDC and DOH guidelines, our community should limit and avoid, to the extent possible, all non-essential social interactions. We urge you to partner with us in ensuring that your children attend all classes utilizing our YULA BaBayit online platform (a detailed email will be sent out shortly with regards to BaBayit ). Structured class time and student participation will help alleviate the normal anxiety and stress that our students are currently experiencing.

As always, feel free to reach out to either of us at any time. We are all here for you and our entire YULA Community.

B’Sorot Tovot ,
Rabbi Joshua Spodek
Head of School
YULA Girls High School
Rabbi Arye Sufrin
Head of School
YULA Boys High School
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