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Sunday we had our first Refuel of the New Year and TONIGHT is our first Wednesday Night back! I'm SO excited to see everyone!

What are we talking about?
Our theme this year in "What's your Story?" Each week our lessons, discussions and activities guide us to help us tell our stories, listen to others and see God's story in ours.

Wednesday Evenings
1/8 1st Annual SNOWBALL FIGHT! We haven't had REAL snow, but we can still have Snow much fun! (ha!) Join us tonight 5:30pm-7:30pm for a night of games, pizza, and discussion.
Friends welcome!

Tonight's Worship & Discussion topic:
Change: How do you experience it, How do you work through it?
Where is God when everything is changing?

Sunday Mornings
We are talking about weird stories in the Bible! Why are they important?
What can they mean for our lives today?
Friday January 17th We will meet at the church with other youth groups and set off on a weekend of serving and growing together.
Friday night we will kick off with worship and team building. Saturday morning, we will pack out lunches and head out to work sites. We will spend the day serving others. In the evening we will return to the church for rest, dinner and worship.
The cost is $50. This covers the mission, food and a long sleeve shirt.
Here's the Flyer to see and share! Friends are welcome!
  Questions? Ask Denise! SIGN UP HERE!

SKI TRIP! January 31-Feb 2
Friday Night We meet at the church and head up to Mt Pocono for a weekend of fun, Snow and more!
We will ski/tube all day Saturday then go back to the cabin for a night of games and hanging out!
Sunday Morning we have worship together, pack up and head home.
It's a fun weekend for all!

 We will need 15 Ski/Boarders to get the best rate. So, Invite your friends!  
Sign Up Deadline is WEDNESDAY JAN 22nd
Additional packets are available outside of the Youth Room.
Resource Corner
Kick off the New Year with the K-Love (Christian Radio Station) 30 Day Challenge!
Each day has a different challenge.
The website also has great stories, Scripture and prayer help to help you kick off this year well!
Let's begin this year making moves to grow in our faith! Click the words 30 Day Challenge" Above.
Let me know if you decide to give it a try!

THE WHY: The question is: will you care enough to let their hunger move you to action? Inspired by the love of God, you can join the fight. To keep kids alive. To give food to all who go hungry. To hunger for justice.

THE HOW: When you do the 30 Hour Famine, you’re opening your eyes to the reality of global poverty. The funds you raise will bring hope to hungry kids: your brothers and sisters in the family of God.

We will collect sponsors to donate as we fast from food for 30 Hours. We begin fasting at noon on Friday. We come to the church at 6pm Friday night. We spend 24 hours together learning, serving and playing together.
At 6pm, we gather for a celebration and we break our fast with great food!
We send out money we raise to World Vision to help hungry kids and we return to our lives, knowing we made a difference and understanding more about our lives and the lives of people in other countries.

I want to participate but can't go without food that long.
That's OK! You can come and participate and bring granola bars to help your hunger. You can also step out for a meal and return. The fact that you are participating and raising money is more important than going without food.
I have a game/practice/previous commitment during the Famine.
You can leave, attend your activity and return.