Y W Calgary | Community Updates | September 2018
YW in the Community
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Read below to see what is new at YW and what you can expect to see in the near future. 
We’ve been making great progress with the construction at the YW Hub facility and are on track for our 2019 possession date.
This summer the steel superstructure was completed and installation of the exterior cladding has started, along with rough grading and site works. The temporary columns for the steel structure were removed at the end of July.

Landscaping and hardscaping are scheduled to be complete by mid-October before the winter season. The exterior cladding is scheduled to be complete in November of this year.

We have also started the interior drywall on all floors of the south tower and framing in the north tower including the classroom and childcare areas.

As part of the Transformation Campaign, YW Sheriff King Home will also be undergoing repairs. In July, repairs started on the roof and windows at YW Sheriff King Home and further planning for renovations have also began.

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Community Spaces in the YW Hub
The YW continues to serve women and their families when and where they need us most. With the opening of the YW Hub we will have community spaces where our neighbours and friends will be invited in. We will be reaching out to you over the next few months to hear what services, programs and/or social and cultural activities you’d like to see in our multipurpose spaces . Dream big – these spaces are for you – and hold those thoughts – we will let you know when and where we will be having these conversations.

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Be Part of the Transformation
Projects of this magnitude call for a broad base of support from government, and from Calgary business and community leaders. In addition to our own investment of $20 million, YW Calgary set a goal to raise $20 million each from government and from business and community leaders. Since our public launch in May, attended by many Inglewood business and community residents including community association President Phil Levson, we have reached 77% of our $60 million goal.

There is still much work to be done; the final 25% can often be the hardest! Our team is working feverishly to lay the groundwork for a busy fall. Please watch for other events coming to the community!

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YW 101
Since 1910, when YW Calgary met women at the train station to offer housing, our programs and services have adapted to meet changing needs of women experiencing poverty, homelessness or domestic abuse.

The Transformation Project is another step in the evolution and will propel YW Calgary to sustainability, providing vulnerable women with uninterrupted access to the programs and services they need to thrive.

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YW Calgary

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