February/March 2017
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Substance Use Education & Therapy

If you suspect that your child, or another young person you know, is abusing drugs or alcohol, it can be a very scary time.  At YouthZone, we help kids through a lot of issues, including substance use.  While some teens "experiment" with substances and have little or no issues - for some teens, early use and abuse of substances can have a devastating impact on their immediate lives and future.  And, since teenage brains are still developing, substance use can have long-term cognitive and behavioral effects.

While every person is different in terms of how continuous use of substances may affect them, there are some common signs that parents, teachers, and friends may notice in a young person that might be abusing drugs or alcohol.  These signs include:
  • A drop in grades or school attendance
  • Loss of interest in activities or their usual friends
  • A decline in hygiene or diminished personal appearance
  • Avoiding eye contact
Substance Use Education Classes

By teaching young people to find in themselves the  strength that they might otherwise try to gain from  chemical substances, it is believed that teens can be taught the consequences of drug-related behavior and the benefits of natural highs.

Please click here for a list of Substance Use Education Classes in Rifle, Glenwood Springs, and Aspen in 2017.
A Word from Our Board!

YouthZone Board Member and long-time supporter, Hollis Kelley, talks about why he's committed to YouthZone in our latest video - sponsored by Alpine Bank!

Love and Logic Class - in Spanish!  
This Weekend - Saturday, March 4.
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