Race artwork, designed by Seattle artist, Baylie Peplow of Red Umbrella Design

Hi Yakima 50K/25K runners, volunteers, and crews!
We hope you are getting excited for the race! This is your official pre-race email and should answer any questions you have about the upcoming race weekend! Please read all the way to the bottom as some info may have changed from previous races.

Here's what you will find in this email:
  1. Cancellations
  2. Check-in/Timeline
  3. Driving Directions/Parking
  4. Volunteer check-in
  5. Water Requirements
  6. Course
  7. Aid Stations
  8. Cut-offs
  9. Drop Bags
  10. Dogs
  11. Lodging
  12. Bathrooms
  13. Coffee
  14. Pre-ordered items
  15. Finish line festivities
  16. Raffle prizes
  17. Weather/Rattlesnake Awareness
  18. Rules

If you cannot make it to the race, please click here   for instructions on removing your race registration. Runners have until 3 days before the race to remove their name, otherwise they will be listed as a DNS. 

All bib transfers must be completed (by both parties) on Ultra Signup at least a week before the race. This means the transfer must be completed by the end of day Saturday April 13th for the 50K and the end of the day Sunday April 14th for the 25K. The recipient of the new bib must follow the link in the email they received and complete the registration process. If the recipient does not sign up before the deadlines listed above, their registration will not be processed. 

If you are receiving this email, but plan to transfer your bib to someone else by this weekend, please forward this along to the new runner. 

Friday April 19th
  • Noon: Gate opens for camping
Saturday April 20th
  • 6:30 am-7:50 am: 50K bib pick up don't forget photo ID and proof of 32 oz water!
  • 7:50 am: Pre race briefing
  • 8:00 am: 50K starts
  • 10:40 am: Cut off at Roza, first time through, mile 8
  • 12:30 pm: Cut off at Buffalo Road aid station, mile 15.5
  • 3:00 pm: Cut off at Roza aid station, second time through, mile 23
Sunday April 21st
  • 7:30-8:50 am: 25K bib pick up don't forget photo ID and proof of 32 oz water
  • 8:50 am: Pre race briefing
  • 9:00 am: 25K starts
  • Noon: Cut off at Roza aid station, mile 8

A few reminders about check in:
  1. You must present your photo ID (driver's license, passport, student ID, anything with your name and a picture) to pick up your bib.  
  2. We require runners to carry at least 32 ounces of water during the race. You must show proof of water to pick up your bib.
  3. Bib pick up is only race morning. No bib pick up the day before.
  4. If you are not going to start the race, let the check-in volunteers know but please do not take your bib if you do not plan to start the race .  If the bib is gone and your name is highlighted, we assume you started the race and we will treat you as a potentially lost runner during the race which is not good.
  5. No bib-swapping.  We allow runners to exchange bibs, but the transfer must be completed (by both parties, the recipient needs to sign the waiver and fill out the registration) on Ultrasignup by the end of the day on Saturday April 13th for the 50K and Sunday April 14th for the 25K.  No week or day-of bib transfers.
  6. There is no early start for the race.
  7. No pacers allowed on the course.
  8. Leashed dogs are welcome on the course and outside at the finish area.
  9. No day of registration.
  10. Poles are ok, just be very mindful of others around you.
  11. Remember to pick up your shirt during check in if you pre-ordered one.
Driving/Parking Directions

The start and finish area takes place on private property next to the Umtanum Recreation Area on Canyon Road. There will be event parking signs set up and volunteers to assist you with parking. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE UMTANUM RECREATION AREA. We have enough parking for everyone on the private property and the recreation area needs to be left open for other users.

There is free camping along the river on the private property, however, we are not able to accommodate large RVs. Our space is not big enough for more than a handful of RV trailers. The road to the parking area is a bit rough and the space for parking is a gravel area that is not very even, so we encourage RV campers to stay in one of the nearby campgrounds (more info on that below). The camping at our start/finish area is primitive, there are no showers, water, or electric of any kind. We will have porta-potties delivered on Friday and there will be water available on race morning.
Volunteer Check In

All volunteers will check in with Elizabeth at the start/finish area.  Volunteers should have already received a separate email with specific instructions related to your shift, but if you did not, send an email to volunteer@rainshadowrunning.com. If you have not had a chance to confirm your shift with Elizabeth yet, please do so soon.

Volunteer discount codes will be sent out via email after the race.

We still need a couple more volunteers for the weekend so if you or someone you know is able to volunteer, please email volunteer@rainshadowrunning.com. All volunteers get to eat and drink for free and are eligible for a discount on a future Rainshadow race (not to mention the warm fuzzies you will get from helping out and the immense gratitude of all the staff)!

Our races would not happen without our amazing crew of volunteers, so remember to thank anyone you see out there helping during the day! :)
Water Requirements 

The race course is dry, exposed, and can be very warm.  There are no water sources outside of the aid stations, so for runner safety, we require all of the runners to have the ability to carry at least 32 ounces of water.  You must show proof of water bottles or a hydration pack to our volunteers in order to pick up your bib in the morning.  If you do not have your pack or bottles, the volunteer will make you go back to your car or campsite to get it, so please come prepared in the morning.  

Runners are only required to show us their 32 ounces of water at the start, since the idea is that you will be consuming your water throughout the day, you are not required to be in possession of 32 ounces of water at all time.  Runners need the capability to carry that much water and should be re-filling the bottles/packs at each aid station.  Our aid station volunteers will be monitoring whether or not the runners are carrying two bottles or a pack, if they see someone without the proper requirements, the runner may be subject to disqualification. 

This course is an out and back style (50K turns around at Buffalo Road and the 25K turns around at Roza) with very little shade and lots of rocks.  Big rocks, small rocks, loose rocks, sharp rocks, you get the idea.  It is a good idea to choose a shoe with a rock plate or good toe protection.

The route will be  marked with pink and yellow ribbons and yellow arrow signs.  You should not go more than one mile without seeing a ribbon or sign.  If you do go more than a mile, turn around and go back to the last place you saw one.  Ultimately it is up to the runner to know the course, so we encourage you to study the map.

Click below to view/print the course maps:

We would like to give a shout out to Sean Harrasser, of Wonderland Mapping, for creating all of our course maps!

Please remember that these are public trails and we are sharing them with other hikers who may not be involved or aware of the race. Please slow down, alert people of your presence, and give them time to move to the side of the trail.

We will have maps posted at the start/finish area, but there will not be extra copies, so if you would like to run with one, please print a copy and bring it with you.
Aid Stations/Crew Access


Mile Cut Off Drop Bags Crew Access
Doug McKeever water stop
5.5 N/A No No
Roza 8 10:40 am No No
Buffalo Road 15.5 12:30 pm Yes No
Roza 23 3:00 pm No No
Doug McKeever water stop 25.5 N/A No No



Mile Cut Off Drop Bags Crew Access
Doug McKeever water stop 5.5 N/A No No
Roza 8 Noon No No
Doug McKeever water stop 10.5 N/A No No


We strive to be a cup-free race
so please bring your own reusable cup or flask to drink water/GU/soda at the aid stations. We will have  UltrAspire cups  for sale during check in if you need to buy one. Please bring a cup to drink beer or water out of for the finish line as well. Help us GO GREEN!


The aid stations will be stocked with PB & J, fresh fruit, potato chips, pickles, candy, water, Nuun electrolyte drink, and soda. We have gels at the aid stations, but we do not supply enough for all runners to rely on what we provide. Please plan to bring your own and supplement with ours if you run out. We also have first aid supplies, sunscreen, vaseline and feminine hygiene products for issues that arise on the course. We do not supply salt tablets or ibuprofen. If you wish to have these items, you will need to bring your own.
If you need to drop from the race, you must do so at an aid station! Please find the volunteer who is tracking numbers and make sure they record your bib number as a DNF (did not finish). There is nowhere to drop outside of the aid stations. The Doug McKeever water stop is not an official aid station. The road up to his location takes a couple hours to drive so he stays up on the ridge all weekend. Unless it is a dire emergency, you cannot drop at his location.

If you have an emergency please dial 911 immediately.  If you are unable to make a phone call, our sweeps can help get you to safety where we will have medics stationed at the finish line. Once you are back at the finish line, please come to the timing table and let our volunteers know you are dropping from the race. If we do not know you have dropped, we will continue to look for you after the race and that stresses us out!  
On that note, please take a minute to make sure your emergency contact information is up to date on UltraSignup.  Please do not use your own name or phone number as your emergency contact in case we need to get a hold of someone on your behalf.  You should be able to edit this information on your UltraSignup profile.
Crew Access
Due to the nature of the course there is no crew access at any of the aid stations.  Our volunteers get rafted into Roza so there is no way to access that location for crews. 

Per our race permit, we only have permission to park 4 vehicles at the Buffalo Road aid station and those are reserved for our aid station volunteers and race staff.  Violating this rule puts our permits in jeopardy and puts your runner at risk of being disqualified. 
Cut Offs

The following cut-off will be enforced during the 50K:

  • 10:40 am: Roza, first time through, mile 8
  • 12:30 pm: Buffalo Road, mile 15.5
  • 3:00 pm: Roza, second time through, mile 23

The following cut-off will be enforced during the 25K:
  • Noon: Roza, mile 8
  Note: the cut-off times are when runners should be leaving the aid station, not arriving.
We have cut off times for a lot of reasons: for your safety, to stay in compliance with our permits, to keep the race on schedule, and so our volunteers can go home at a reasonable time. We realize these are public trails but you signed a waiver as a part of this race and we are responsible for you. We cannot let any runner continue on behind the sweeps who are pulling course markings.  Violating this rule puts our permits in jeopardy and we want to continue to put on this race for many years.   If you refuse to leave the course and continue on past cut off, you are in direct violation of our race rules and will be subject to penalty (including a ban from future Rainshadow races).  
Please accept your fate with grace and please do not put unnecessary pressure on our lovely volunteers (aid station captains and sweepers) to allow you to continue on past cut off.  They are following specific directions given to them by race staff and they should not be asked to break the rules for you. If you have an issue, come find a staff member after the race, but do not argue with our volunteers. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Drop Bags

Runners are allowed drop bags at Buffalo Road for the 50K. No drop bags allowed at Roza (we raft in all the supplies) and no drop bags at all for the 25K.

We will have a tarp set up at check-in before the race for you to leave your bag.  Please label your bag with your name and bib number. Runners are allowed one bag at Buffalo Road. Please keep your drop bag to a reasonable size as our volunteers are carting them around for you (no backpacks, coolers, duffel bags, etc).

We will do our best to keep the bags covered if it's raining, but if there is significant rain in the forecast, we recommend putting items in ziploc bags to ensure your things stay dry.

Our volunteers will bring the drop bags back as soon as they close, so runners can expect them back from Buffalo Road around 2:00 pm.

Well behaved, leashed dogs are welcome at the start/finish area and the camping areas.  They are allowed on the course, however, there is no water access at all on the 25K course and very little during the 50K, so if you do choose to run with your dog, plan to carry extra water for them.  Please note this course is exposed and rocky.  Please be sure to pick up after your dog (that includes carrying the bag out with you, there are no poo fairies cleaning up after us). 

Please make a plan for dog sitting if you do plan to run the race.  You may not leave your dog tied up at the finish area and it is generally too warm to leave the dog in the car while you run. We love our furry friends, we just want to make sure they stay safe.

If you do not have lodging yet, there is free camping on the private property where the race is located.  When you turn into the property, the gravel road winds along the river and eventually dead ends at the start/finish area.  You are allowed to put your tent down anywhere that does not block the main road.  We have a large gravel lot reserved for day-of parking so please do not bring your tent there or in any other area that is roped off.  Keep in mind the lows are in the 30's currently so bring plenty of warm sleeping gear! 

We have limited space for large RV's and the gravel road is a bit rough and bumpy so we recommend if you are coming with an RV, you find a spot at one of the nearby campgrounds
Big Pines

The campgrounds are all first come/first served this time of year and are all within 10 miles (~15-20 minutes) of the start/finish area.

Ellensburg is about 20 minutes away from the start area and there are numerous hotels available.  Yakima is the next closest town, about 25-30 minutes away and also has numerous lodging options. 

There will be porta-potties set up at the start/finish area as well as porta potties at Buffalo Road. There are no bathrooms in between the start line and Buffalo Road so if nature calls outside of an aid station, please remember to step off the trail and follow the leave no trace policy. If you are near the back of the pack and need to step off the trail, leave your pack/water bottle/etc in the middle of the trail so the sweeps know to wait for you.

We will be brewing Tony's Coffee on race morning for runners and volunteers and we will have Tony's/Smith Brother's cold brew available after the race. In an effort to reduce waste, please bring your own coffee mug for race morning.

The coffee on Sunday morning is mainly for the 25K runners and volunteers. If you are a 50K runner who is camping Saturday night, we will keep the coffee going after the 25K starts at 9:00 am so you are welcome to fill up your mug at that point. Thanks for your consideration in this matter!
Pre-Ordered Items

Any pre-ordered items will be available at the merchandise table when you pick up your bib on race morning.

Any shirts that are not picked up at check-in will become available for purchase once the merch table opens, so please remember to pick up your shirt during check in.
Finish Line Festivities

It would not be a Rainshadow race without the post-race party! We will have wood-fired pizza courtesy of Pizza Rocks as well as our standard spread of post-race goodies (fruits, veggies, chips and dips, wraps, cookies, pies and other goodies) We will be offering up cold craft beer from local breweries, Varietal Brewing and Bale Breaker as well as live bluegrass music courtesy of bluegrass band, Dysfunction Junction. We encourage all runners to hang around, cheer on your fellow runners while swapping race stories! One of the most important parts of Rainshadow is the community we strive to create so bring a lawn chair and make a day out of it!
We are happy to have the ever-so-talented Glenn Tachiyama taking pictures out on the course.  The photos will be available to purchase the week after the race.

Adam Boyd, of There and Back Films, will be filming a promo video of the race and we will post a link on our website once it is ready to view! Click here to check out his film from our Secret Beach 100K/50M last October. Thanks Adam!
Raffle Prizes

Thanks to all of our sponsors, we will have lots of fun prizes to give away to both runners and volunteers! We will have gift certificates to Seven Hills Running Shop, coffee beans from Tony's Coffee , prizes from Nuun, Rainshadow merch, and goodies donated by Ski Uphill.
If you have a sticker on your bib, it means you are a raffle winner! All raffle items can be picked up at the merchandise table.  If you are a volunteer that won a raffle prize, our volunteer coordinator, Elizabeth, will come find you!

The current forecast (in Ellensburg) is calling for highs in the mid to upper 50's and lows in high 30's to lower 40's.  There is a slight chance of rain on Saturday and it is forecasted to be partly sunny on Sunday.  Keep an eye on the extended forecast and come prepared with plenty of layers.  The ridgeline can often be windy and cold so we recommend carrying a jacket and beanie, but if the sun comes out, there is no shade so make sure you have sun protection.  You can always shed a layer at the aid station if you do not need it. 

This is a good time to brush up on the 10 essentials you should be carrying anytime you venture out onto the trails.  We highly recommend you come prepared with these items. 

Rattlesnake Awareness
The chances of seeing a snake during the race are slim, especially with cooler temperatures forecasted, but be aware there are rattlesnakes in this area. There are also bull snakes that look similar to rattlesnakes (and will thump their tail on the ground to mimic a rattle).  It is best to familiarize yourself with the difference and also what to do if you happen to encounter a rattlesnake.

A few good ways to prevent a snake encounter:
1. Stay on the trail
2. Avoid running with headphones so you can hear the warning rattle. This also helps to stay tuned in to your surroundings.
3. Don't poke the snake with a stick.  If the snake is on the trail, examine the surroundings carefully and go around. Trying to poke it or move it off the trail will only make it angry at those behind you. 

We recommend reading this article, but to summarize, follow these guidelines if you are bit by a rattlesnake:

1. Remain calm. We understand this sounds ridiculous, but do your best to keep your heart rate down. Don't sprint down the trail, instead slow down, sit for a minute and plan your evacuation route. If you have the ability to call 911, do so. There is cell service on a lot of the course so even if you do not have service in the moment, keep going and you will likely be able to make a phone call (or find someone that can call for you).

If you are closer to the aid station in front of you, walk in that direction. If you are closer to the aid station behind you, turn around and walk that way. You will either run into the aid station or run into the sweepers and one of them can run quickly to get help.

2. Do not try to extract the venom, do not wrap it or compress the wound, or cut around it.
  • Be nice: please be courteous of other trail users as well as fellow runners and volunteers.  If you come upon hikers or other day users, please alert them of your presence and give them a chance to move over before you pass. Please note that proper trail etiquette says downhill hikers yield to those going uphill. If you come across hikers, please do your best to follow these guidelines (unless they are clearly letting you by in which case thank them as you descend!) 
  • No crews at Buffalo Road: spectators or crews who violate this rule put their runner at risk of disqualification
  • Passing : please pass on the left and move to the right when you are being passed.
  • One ear bud only: if you wish to wear headphones while running, they may only be in one ear and the volume must be low enough that you can hear others around you (we had an injury at one of our races due to someone not being able to hear while wearing both earbuds)
  • No continuing on past cut off: for liability and safety reasons we cannot let any runner continue on their own past cut off time.  We take this rule seriously.  Please treat our aid station and sweep volunteers with respect.  If you have an issue, find a race staff after the race and we are more than happy to have a conversation with you
  • No cheating/course cutting/bandits/anything deemed unsportsmanlike : this could result in a ban from Rainshadow races and we just do not want to do that
  • Dogs: well behaved, leashed dogs are welcome on the course and at the finish line. Please note that there are no water sources anywhere along the course so you will need to carry plenty of water for them.
  • No drugs or other banned substances
  • Be on time: our sweeps go out shortly after the runners start and we cannot let any runners go out behind the sweepers
To find all of Rainshadow Running's rules and policies, please click here  
Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

James, Elizabeth, William, Steph, Rob & Kesia
Rainshadow Running 
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