As we look back on this semester, we feel a real sense of gratitude and achievement. This fall, organizations and departments from all corners of Yale have brought the level of Africa activity on campus to new heights. The MacMillan Center and Yale Law School, among others, brought influential African leaders and scholars to share their knowledge with our community. Student organizations like Students of Nigeria, the Yale African Students Association, and the Black Business Alliance brought Africa to the forefront by commemorating their countries' independence, coordinating conferences, and hosting other compelling events. The Yale School of Music and International Festival of Arts and Ideas joined forces to bring Grammy award-winning Beninese singer Ang´┐Żlique Kidjo to perform on campus. An incredible tribute to African culture, Kidjo's performance became the climax of what has been an exhilarating year for Africa at Yale. For those just beginning to follow our progress, we say welcome. For those of you who have been with us from the beginning, we say thank you as we mark one calendar year of the Africa Initiative. 

Rachel Nyaradzo Adams, Associate Director for Africa

Record Number of African Students and New Africa Faculty  


The highest number of African students matriculated into Yale College this year. Twenty students from 12 countries across Africa joined the Yale College family. Four new faculty members and three visiting faculty were recruited to Yale for the 2014-2015 academic year. The newly appointed faculty include Stephanie Newell, who joins the English Department; Louisa Lombard, who joins the Department of Anthropology; and Dr. Ted Cohen and Dr. Luke Davis, Jr., who both join the School of Public Health. This year's visiting faculty include Jemima Asabea Anderson, Hiroyuki Hino, and Robert Darko Osei. Read More >>


Yale Leads in the Fight against Ebola 


Yale has made significant contributions to the international fight against Ebola. Yale School of Public Health alumnus Dr. Olajide "Jide" Idris, Commissioner for Health of Lagos State, led Nigeria's swift response to Ebola in that country. The efforts of Dr. Idris and others ensured the successful containment of Ebola in Nigeria. In New Haven, the Global Health Leadership Institute led the Yale Ebola Task Force, a collaboration between faculty and students to raise public awareness and funds for Ebola relief. Read More >> 


Africa Week 2014


In November, the Yale African Students Association hosted Africa Week, an annual series of events aimed at exposing the entire Yale community to African culture and conversations about the continent. Several of the continent's most impressive young leaders spoke to students about their journeys and offered practical advice. These speakers included the fourth youngest parliamentarian in South Africa, a Forbes-recognized Ghanaian entrepreneur, and the founder of a leading Nigerian cosmetics brand. Africa Week also featured master classes, a career information session, and a vibrant cultural show. Read More >>  

Yale Programs Help Strengthen African Leaders, Businesses


As part of the Africa Initiative, Yale aims to contribute to leadership development and capacity building on the continent. Throughout the fall, departments across the university created and executed practical programs for different African organizations, which included the Nigeria Leadership Initiative Fellows Seminar, Strategic Thinking in Foreign Affairs Symposium designed for the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the inaugural Africa Business Practicum, and the U.S. and Africa Business Conference for the United States and Africa Development Organization (USAADO). Read More >>  
To see the schedule of upcoming Yale Africa events taking place both on campus and on the continent, click here >>
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