Yale Security News 

Spring 2017
Congratulations to all the Security Officers & Staff who recently celebrated an anniversary:

Bridget Furlow - 10 years
Sheldon Gatison - 10 years
Michelle Goulet - 15 years
Charles Hernandez - 10 years
Mark Lamontagne - 20 years
Cameron Mayberry - 10 years
Philip Priore -- 10  years
Pam Ruck - 30 years
Philomena Streater - 10  years
Robert Streeto - 15 years
Paul Longo - 20 years

Michelle Goulet

Sheldon Gatison (L) w/ Dave Landino 
(R)Mark Lamontagne w/ Bob Cervone 
Pam Ruck w/ YPD Chief Ronnell Higgins  

Robert Streeto (L) w/ Paul Gallipoli 
Access Control Building Upgrade Progress
  • Access Control Upgrade:
  • 199 Buildings complete,
  • 14 left to go including 9 of the residential colleges.
  • Converted and programmed 804 of the 959 panels (84% complete)
  • Converted and programmed 4,443 of the 5,348 card readers (83% complete)
Projected finish date is November/December 2017

Video Camera Conversion Project
  • 130 of 131 DVRs moved from American Dynamic's video mngmnt system to our  master server.
  • ~1750 cameras migrated from the old video monitoring system (VMS) to Milestone (our new VMS).
  • 99% of our DVRs have been converted to new system.
  • 100% will be complete after West Campus conversion.
Project is substantially complete.  Migration of approximately 20 specific cameras remaining.

Conversion of the Residential Colleges commenced in late March and will be the main concentration over the next few months.  "With the colleges being occupied over the summer, the challenges never stop but our whole team has persevered- so far," said Dave Nevins, Project Manager.

Yale Police Chief Higgins Visits Dispatch Center

In March, Yale Police Chief Ronnell Higgins visited the Yale Security Systems Central Dispatch to say hello to staff and checkout their systems in action. Chief Higgins was appointed Director of Yale Public Safety in November 2015 which includes oversight of Security Systems and Operations.  He was impressed by the 24/7/365 systems operations dispatch center that monitors all campus access control systems, burglar and fire systems, blue phones, video systems and dispatches calls for lockouts, nighttime safe rides, lost IDs or fields calls asking about area restaurants. "An amazing group of professionals, keeping the campus safe," said Chief Higgins. 
Chief Higgins takes a selfie with Yale Security's Agnieszka (Agnes) Wasik. He later tweeted it @YPD1.
Staff Recognition

Recently, Yale Security Officers Arnold "Arnie" Jandreu, Gerry Mulligan, Ken Nixon were pleasantly su rprised with an #outofthebluethanks that included thank you cards, a gift and applause. 

In two separate mini-ceremonies these three officers were thanked for their outstanding service to the University.    Read the complete story about their contributions.

Just before the holidays, Security Officers Noel Cordero and Shiara Figueroa were also recognized with an #outofthebluethanks
Security Officers Noel Cordero & Shiara Figueroa 
A letter was written on their behalf by a Yale Staffer saying they are "gracious, a blessing and go above and beyond to help her daily." This individual is semi-handicapped and almost daily without being asked they help her get in/out of the building and assist with doors and carrying items to her office. Congrats to all! 
(After) New Year's Celebrations

Many Yale departments opt to have holiday celebrations after the New Year.  That was the case for Yale HR & Administration as well as Yale Security. 

Mike Peel, Vice President for HR&A, held a holiday party in January at Wood Winds in Branford, CT that many Yale Security personnel attended. It included a buffet dinner, DJ and raffle. In addition, each security operations' shift  celebrates with their own holiday parties. All events include good food and time spent with colleagues reflecting on a busy year spent keeping the university community safe!

Yale Security Officers (3rd shift) celebrated the season during their annual holiday party.

L to R: Jose Padilla, Andre James, Lisa Maloney, Thomas Anderson, & Christopher Lawerence at the HR&A holiday party.

Lisa Maloney, Lisette Delgado, Director George Hines and Anthony Fronte at the HR&A holiday party.