Yale Security News

Recently, Yale Public Safety Systems and Public Safety IT were recognized with a Linda K. Lorimer Award for Distinguished Service for work done on a community-wide security access system.

This amazing team worked tirelessly for over four years to introduce a state-of-the-art security access system across the university. They were able to do it seamlessly with minimal disruption to the Yale community all while minimizing risk and saving the university millions of dollars in the process. Excellent teamwork, adopting industry best practices, and creativity made successful completion of the project possible.

The following individuals made up the team that worked on this project for the past several years.  We applaud and thank them for all their tremendous team work throughout the project. Because of their efforts the project was finished one year sooner than projected! Now the University is on one system for access control. The project was headed up by David Boyd, George Hines and David Nevins.

Managers  - Lisette Delgado, Stephen Donnelly, Anthony Fronte , Sheldon Gatison, John Gilligan , Jeff Goddu, William Goldbach , Richard Guerriero, Jacqueline Killips , Dave Landino, Brian Pagan, Hesh Rosenberg , Frank Squeglia, Rachael Stark

  - Mark Bender, William Brown , Thomas Connolly, Dee Eggert , Christopher Fazekas, Felix Ferraiolo , Roger Lutz, Brandon McCormick , Anthony Paul, Michael Savanelli , Ronald Toothe & Agnes Wasik.


Security News Special Edition,
January, 2018