Yalp "Smart Park" Technology
Research shows that 74 percent of kids between the ages of 5 and 12 get less than one hour of outdoor play time per day. Experts say that ample outdoor activity is crucial to the health, well-being and development of children.

Our solution is to get children to go outdoors and remain outdoors for extended periods of time through Yalp "Smart Park" interactive play and sports equipment.

  • Combines Indoor Gaming experience w/ Outdoor Physical Activity
  •  Inclusive, Intuitive and Multigenerational
  •  Connected Online
  •  Multi Lingual
  • Built to Endure the Elements
  •  Solar Powered Option

Yalp Interactive play equipment is suitable for all outdoor and indoor environments. Just like traditional play, interactive play can be performed anywhere!
The Yalp Sona is an interactive game arch that challenges the players again and again.

  • Durable Steel & Fiberglass Construction
  • Utilizes Motion Detection Camera
  • Small Footprint 
  • Inclusive & Multigenerational
  • Single or Multi User Games

The Yalp Sutu is an interactive ball wall that brings people together and encourages them to take part in active competition with friends.

  • Durable, Impact Resistant Material
  • Utilizes Web App for Social Interaction
  • Single or Multi User Games
  • Multiple Sport & Ball Use
  • Inclusive, Intuitive & Multigenerational

Discover My Yalp Capabilities
My Yalp Online Platform
An online platform where you can easily manage interactives that sounds great! And it’s entirely possible with My Yalp.
  • Remote Settings
  • My Yalp Games/My Yalp Music
  • Play Statistics
  • Mobile App
  • AR