July 2019
Yamaha and Newnex  Joint Announcement  for Product Interoperability
Yamaha Unified Communications, a leading solution provider for audio and video conferencing, and Newnex, a key developer of USB long range solutions, jointly announce the product interoperability between Yamaha's CS-700 Video Sound Collaboration Systems with Newnew's FireNEX™-uLINK USB 3.0 Active Cable up to 20m (65 ft.).
The Yamaha CS-700 video sound collaboration system is specifically designed as an all-in-one unit to equip huddle rooms with best in class audio and video capability. The entire ultra-wideband audio and high-quality video are accomplished through one single USB cable from the host computer to the sound bar and display. Therefore the need for a long-length USB 3.0 cable with full bandwidth of USB 3.0 signal transferring is critical for the room setup. Newnex's FireNEX™-uLINK USB 3.0 Active Cables up to 20m (65 ft.) have been successfully tested by Yamaha for working seamlessly with CS-700 Collaboration systems.
Click to learn more>> about Newnex product interoperability with leading video conferencing solutions.  Visit uc.yamaha.com and  www.newnex.com   to know more about Yamaha Unified Communications and Newnex.
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