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Pose of the Month
Surya Namaskar
This is a set of 12 asanas,  preferably to be done at the time of sunrise. It can be done as a warm up or a link between other asanas.
The regular practice of Surya Namaskar improves circulation of blood throughout the body, maintains health, and helps one remain disease-free. There are numerous benefits for the heart, liver, intestine, stomach, chest, throat, legs.
Every part of the body is greatly benefitted by Surya Namaskar.

 YOGA classes are run by our Exercise Physiologist, Claire, please click here to see our latest YOGA Timetable
Go to our website to see our full class timetable
Men's Health 

With Movember coming to an end, many of the males around town have suddenly lost the bit of fuzz above their top lip. The Movember movement encourages men around the globe to groom and grow their moustache during the month of November to raise awareness for the health inequalities and challenges faced by men around the world.

Having only one male staff member at Yamba Physio means that we are lacking in the facial hair department.  However, we are excited to announce that our physiotherapist Meg has recently completed additional training in Men's Health.  This includes the assessment and treatment of a variety of urinary and faecal continence issues, as well as erectile dysfunction.  These can occur as a result of the ageing process, direct trauma, post surgeries such as prostatectomy or following radiation therapy.  If you or someone you know is having any problems with the above areas, don't hesitate to book a consultation with Meg and regain control of the bits below the belt.

Bryce's Return

Bryce is returning to Yamba to work with us over the busy holiday season.  He will be here for 5 weeks commencing on Monday, 4 January 2016.  With his trademark smile and zest for life he is ready to tackle all types of issues.

Bryce has a love for sports physiotherapy and has a passion for fixing long term physical issues via functional exercise.  He also has extensive training in golf therapy, ie getting the most out of your golf swing and lowering that handicap!!

 Give the office a call or drop in and make an appointment to see Bryce while he's in town.

Tai Chi for Health and Falls Prevention
  • Tai Chi is effective in preventing falls and reducing the risk of falls by improving balance.
  • Tai Chi techniques are known to increase muscle strength; improve mobility, flexibility, co-ordination and circulation to improve balance, build confidence and assist overcoming the fear of falling.
  • Tai Chi programs include standing and chair based movements for anyone wanting to improve balance and mobility.
Physio Monique has recently completed The Tai Chi for Falls Prevention Program and will be incorporating some Tai Chi movement components into the Still Standing Class on Tuesdays at 10am at Yamba Physio Clinic.

 Go to our website to see our full class timetable 


Studio Yamba

The NEW "Studio Yamba" is located at 8 Little High St, just a block away from our Yamba practice.  It is a brand new, specific built,  fantastic exercise space that we are fortunate enough to have as an additional area to hold our classes.  So far we are using this space for most of our Pilates classes and Yoga Classes.

"Studio Yamba" is also a great backup space for the Mums n Bubs and Pramfit Classes when the weather is too unpleasant to be outdoors.

Come and check it out!!!

Go to our webiste to see our timetable and where classes are held. 
QUIT - Smoking

Are you ready to kick smoking in the butt?

The Helping U 2 Quit Program is a NSW Government Health Promotion and is completely FREE!!

We will be running the QUIT program in our Maclean Practice in the New Year. Starting date to be advised.

If you are ready, call Gavin on the number below to register NOW.

Wrap up !
Wishing you and your families all a very merry Christmas.  We hope you get to take time out to have some family time over the next few weeks.

We thank you for supporting our Physio family and hope we can continue to support, strengthen, mobilize, stretch, tape you next year.

Physio  TIP ! 
Make the most of those moments like waiting for the kettle boil to fit in some exercise. 

Try doing 10 squats and 15 heel raises (up and down on toes) to get you started! 

Merry Christmas   

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