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Yankee Pride Quilts Mid-Month Update - September
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Fall, already...
We seem to be so busy, every fall. Cleaning up the gardens, traveling to kids athletic events, early holiday shopping (okay, maybe we're being optimistic about that one!), and so much more.  It seems like the days get away from us. For many of us that work at Yankee Pride, we slow down in the evenings, get away to our sewing rooms (and corners), and work, and create, in peace. One person's peace is NPR, and another's is 80s hard rock. A third person likes no sound at all other than the whir of her sewing machine. Whatever your peace is, be sure you're making time for it. This life goes by fast, and we need to be sure to take care of ourselves in addition to the others we care for. For quilters, part of that is immersing ourselves in our craft. Sketch ideas, cut fabrics, sew pieces, and quilt projects. Be happy. 

For those of you who can't get here to see us, we continue to update our website with new fabrics (and fabrics that are new to you!) from our inventory. Click here to get to our Fabrics page, and you'll be on your way!

COMING IN OCTOBER: Yankee Pride's Sample Sale! Rae dug through our extensive collection of shop and class samples, and Judy decided it's time to clear them out. Some are finished, and some are tops only, but they will all be for sale. Mark your calendar for October 11 - 14. 

Mystery Quilt Spring & Fall 2019

Our Spring 2019 Mystery Quilt Reunion took place last weekend - there were some gorgeous quilts shown off! In our next issue, we'll give you a link to the Gallery page, and you can see just how fabulous these stunning Mystery Quilts turned out. For those who missed it, you can see we had a nice turnout (photo at left). 

With her usual Saturday morning enthusiasm, Suzanne started us off with a roundup of fun new things at the shop (at right). She knows our customers well, and often lets people know when we get something she knows you like!

The Fall 2019 Mystery Quilt class will officially start this  Saturday, September 21 , at 9:15 and 10 a.m.  Judy's planned a two-color quilt! For yardages and descriptions, stop in at the shop, or click here . To sign up, you can stop in, or sign up online here .  

Fall 2019 Class Update 
Our Fall 2019 class schedule is up and on the web, and classes have begun! The classes listed below are starting in the next few weeks. Clicking on the link for each one will take you to the class page, where you can find more information, or sign up online. You can also sign up by calling us at 802/872-9300, or by stopping in at the shop.

** Advanced Quilting Techniques, with Ruth and Marti. This is Part 1 of a two-part class. If you're pretty confident in your basic skills, but have questions about or have had problems with some more challenging techniques, this is the class for you. Students will be using Edyta Sitar's "Quilter's Patch" book as a guide, though Ruth and Marti will sometimes use different construction methods than the book uses for the blocks you'll be working on.
** The first class has been pushed back into October, so if you want to sign up, there's still time!!

Wool Snowman Ornaments, with Deanna. It's not quite fall yet, but if you want to get your holiday gifts made, you have to start early. These are easy, yet beautiful, ornaments, perfect for gift-giving, or to have for your own tree.

Milk Jug Raw-Edge Applique with Kay. She will take you through all the steps of learning raw-edge applique while making this fall-themed wall hanging. It takes a little time, a little patience, and a little bit of fabric. Be ready to have fun!

Pineapple Blocks Two Ways with Marti. We first offered this class midsummer, and Marti decided to teach it again. We know it's on your bucket list - it's certainly on ours. Get your quilt started when you have the luxury of a teacher right there with you to answer questions and offer her tips and tricks for making this quilt fun.
Remaining September Weekend Sales
All our weekend sales now start on Fridays,
so now you have an extra day to come in and save!

September 20 - 22: 20% off green background fabric
September 27 - 29: 20% off one notion


Recent Fabric Arrivals


These are the highlights of recent arrivals. Click on the photo for a closeup, and click here if you're interested in purchasing any of these fabrics by the yard on our website:



by Northcott

Let's start out with something pretty and fun! We see bags in our future with these glittery prints. Both of these fabrics can be the star of your quilt, as either a focus print, or a border. They're too pretty to cut into small pieces and hide!








Novelty prints

by Timeless Treasures

Primary colors and fun motifs - Judy's stocking up on great kids fabrics, just in time for us to start quilts and projects for the holidays. These are some really wonderful prints, and they can be used for both boys and girls in anything from pillowcases to bags to quilts. What will you make?










Garden of Dreams

from Jason Yenter

by In the Beginning

This stunning print stands all on its own. Yes, we got a few coordinating prints a few weeks ago, but just look at this! It's a digital print, so you get all those layers and all that color depth. Cindy picked up a few yards of this, just to hoard in her stash...






Tonga batiks 

by Timeless Treasures

We think Judy's actually thinking past winter this year. A lot of the fabric we're getting in at the shop recently feels like spring, and that's okay with us! Clear, bright colors are always fun to work with, especially when they're batiks like these!







from Gingiber

by Moda

These prints look so modern, but there are always "go-withs" in the line that can work with different genres. The panel (at right) is typical of Gingiber, but most of the prints in the photo above are useful anywhere.

















from Jason Yenter

by In the Beginning

How can you not love all the color wrapped up in these prints? Here, life in the ocean is vivid and beautiful! Use these prints for quilts, for bags, for placemats and napkins, and more. Kathy even picked up some of the coral print (bottom in photo) for hand applique!







Washed Wood

by Benartex

When we make photo quilts, sometimes it's tough to find a good "frame" for the photos. These three prints make that easy now. There's something about a wood frame, whether on the wall or on a quilt, that just looks right. Now you have a choice between dark wood, whitewashed wood, or a nice medium.








by Maywood Studio

Continuing the trend of spring fabrics, this new line is pink lilacs and budding lilies of the valley. It feels like May when you look at these. And the border print (below)is fabulous! You know, working on a quilt using these fabrics may just make the winter go by faster!






by P&B Textiles

You can never have too many bright tone-on-tone prints, because you never know when someone's going to ask you to make a baby quilt or kids quilt. These two bring movement and rich color to your project - they're so yummy!



Thank you, as always, for your business, and thank you for being our customer. We love that you still believe in shopping local!
Judy, Rae, Marti, Suzanne, Cindy, Wendy, Kathy, Marjan, Deanna, and Kay
9 Main Street
Essex Junction, Vermont 05452