Above all, the Copperloy by JH Industries team emphasizes that efficiency cannot exist without safety. For this reason, all Copperloy yard ramp models adhere to proprietary safety standards. In addition, customers can purchase customized installations to comply with any facility or industry safety regulation. To list, the standard safety features for all Copperloy yard ramps include
  • 8 Foot Level Off
  • 15 Inch Lip
  • High-Strength Steel Deck Grating
  • 7 Inch Curbs
Yard Ramp Safety Tips From Copperloy by JH Industries | Yard Ramp | Yard Ramps
  • Check Equipment Capabilities
  • Use Wheel Chocks.
  • Unload On a Level Surface.
  • Secure Ramp Connection.
  • Move at Safe Speeds.
  • Both Maintain and Check Ramp Conditions.