Hello Friends!

Before we get into this week's news, just a quick note on yard repair. Unfortunately, it is necessary for some yards, driveways, and landscaping to be damaged/disturbed during the installation process.

However, all damage will be repaired when the construction crews are finished with an area. Holes will be filled, new grass seed will be put down, and generally speaking they will do their best to return everything to the way it was before they started.

If the damage is not immediately apparent and you find it later, please call us at 269-746-4411.
In other 10th St. area news, the crew that recently reached Q Ave. going south on 10th will be next heading to the nearest side streets off 10th, namely Chadeau Avenue and Rolling Pines Court.

Once these streets are finished, they will be joining the other crews in the Applegate area.

Handholes and pedestals are being placed along 10th St. this week and then will be placed along Percheron.

With that bit of housekeeping out of the way, on to the news portion of the broadcast:

As promised last week, we've installed conduit from Q Avenue up Percheron Street, and on to Belgian Avenue. The crew should be on Applegate Drive this week.

As they move down Applegate Dr., they will also be installing conduit down the side streets (Stable Glen Court, Highland Corral Circle, and Saddle Ridge Court). Also, one of the crews that has been over on 10th will be moving over to this area to install Clydesdale Avenue.
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