Your association needs your help in finding locations for MVAR-supported candidate yard signs in both neighborhoods and commercial properties.
If you are interested in placing a yard sign for
Mayor Chuck Bennett, Jan Kailuweit, Brad Nanke,
Jose Gonzalez or Reid Sund in your yard,
contact Holly Sears, MVAR Government Affairs Director, at willamettevalleygad@gmail.com with your address location and which candidate(s) sign that you want,
and we will get one to you ASAP.
Need a Reminder for which
Ward you Live in?

Salem Mayor
Chuck Bennett

 City Council Ward 1
Jan Kailuweit

City Council Ward 3
Brad Nanke

 City Council Ward 5
Jose Gonzalez

 City Council Ward 7
Reid Sund

These candidates were chosen because they share MVAR's vision of enhancing Salem's livability by supporting home ownership, smart growth and development, an additional bridge over the
Willamette River and thoughtful stewardship of
Salem's limited financial resources. 
Please consider supporting these candidates
and voting for them by May 19!
  • Don't forget to Register to Vote by April 28th
  • Don't forget to Vote by May 19th