Golf Shop News

What a golf season we’ve had so far -- the weather has been fantastic and our total rounds played for the year and participation in our tournaments have all been excellent. This is a wonderful time to start spending the Golf Shop Credits you’ve accumulated this season. We’ll have great deals throughout the fall on both our apparel and golf clubs.

With the good weather we have some late season reminders about golf cart, push cart traffic and golf course upkeep. Remember to keep all four wheels of your golf cart on the cart paths and all push carts should be kept 30 feet away from the greens. Also fill divots with the sand provided on your golf carts and repair ball marks. If we can follow through with these simple tasks, it will go a long way in keeping our course in great playing shape throughout the year.

Putt or Chip?

Putting or chipping from off the green? Most of the time, those who criticize a decision made on the golf course are simply projecting what they would have done in a similar situation - and are now broadcasting what everyone else should do. A player who imagines and believes she/he stands a better chance of making a shot a certain way will more quickly free up the mind/body from nervousness and tension by following what intuitively feels best. 

John Shapcott, Golf Pro
(215) 493-4531 ext. 105