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Yardley Racing announced today that they are hiring 2014 UKC Junior Rotax Champion and Formula Mazda driver Bruno Carneiro(15) as a driver, mechanic and karting instructor from 2015 on.

Bruno Carneiro will drive a CRG Rotax Senior kart, alongside current drivers Max Mallinen, Marina Yardley and Perry Needham.

" We are very excited about having Bruno working with us not only as a driver but also as a mechanic and a coach to some of our drivers with Colby Yardley. We have been following Bruno very closely as he has been learning a lot about all the mechanical aspects of a racing kart, but also getting very keen on telemetry. We look forward to him becoming our Data guy very soon." said Robert Yardley.

Yardley Racing team competes at 

Miller Motorsports Park's UKC, the Challenge of the Americas and many national events racing against some of the best drivers in North America having won numerous races and championships with multiple drivers.  




The Yardley Racing team is very passionate and dedicated to the sport. Combined with the driving and tuning knowledge of the team leaders, Robert Yardley and son Colby Yardley, they are able to bring a winning combination to the race track every weekend. 

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