What an incredible anniversary celebration! Thank you to everyone who joined us at our 36 year Spring Benefit.

With our community‚Äôs dedicated commitment, we raised over $110,000 and we thank you for your continued support! 
Benefit Committee
Rachael Berman Huck & Ali Fehr McDonald (Co-Chairs)
Lauren Carlinsky, Maya Harush, Laura Neault,
Stephanie Rothstein, Carrie Schneider,
Daniela Silverstein, Helen Solnit

Thank You To Our Benefit Sponsors
Ann and Rick Tavan
The Wolff Family

Susan and Steve Ellenberg
Rebecca and Arnnon Geshuri
Dan Hudson

Cindy and Jonathan Schlesinger
Ruth and Alfred Sporer, Amy and Daniel Schiff & Julie and Stuart Krigel
Debra and Zvi Weiss

Cheryl and Marc Bader
Hana and Dan Lang
Jeanette and Eli Reinhard
Sheri and Paul Robbins
Cyndi Sherman and Stephen Schleimer
Bonnie Slavitt

Orit and Ran Avinoon-Metz
Joy and Michael Cohen
Rabbi Laurie and Aaron Hahn Tapper
Ali Fehr and Patrick McDonald
Andrea and Joel Rubnitz
Ali Fehr and Patrick McDonald
Andrea and Joel Rubnitz

Thank you to all the families, grandparents, trustees and community supporters who have enhanced this celebration
with their generous donations.