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Monthly Newsletter | July 2022

Burnout: The Truth Behind Ad Fatigue (and How to Avoid It)

Picture this: you’re in your car driving home from work and you hear a commercial. Your eyes widen in shock. It’s that commercial. With that jingle. You’ve heard this same commercial at least five times in the past ten minutes- there’s no way the rep intended for this commercial to air this many times, right? You groan in annoyance and switch the station or plug in your aux cord and connect to your streaming playlist. We’ve all been in this scenario before and probably more than once. This phenomenon is known as ad fatigue.  This happens when the target audience hears or sees an ad so often that they become bored (or annoyed) and stop engaging. This then causes the campaign to become less effective and businesses don’t see a great return on investment (aka, ROI). However, there are ways you can avoid this:

Monitor Ad Campaigns

This should be the first step. You don’t know that your target audience is losing interest in an ad if you aren’t tracking the ad’s performance. When an ad is regularly monitored, you can see when engagement begins to drop. There are two metrics that can monitor ads: frequency and clickthrough rate (CTR). Frequency is the average number of times people see an ad. And CTR is the number of times people click on a digital ad.

Create Multiple Ads (And Rotate Them)

Another common way of avoiding ad fatigue is creating multiple ads and rotating them. These ads can be different lengths, be voiced by different persons or both. Creating different versions of an ad allows you to deliver the same content in a new way (and in a way that won’t bore your audience).

Use A Different Call-To-Action

If the audience has grown tired of the “call us at…” line at the end of an ad, try using a different call to action. Mention a brand or a business’s social media page website.

Hopefully, these tips can help you avoid the monster that is known as ad fatigue.

Happy Marketing!

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