Personally, I've decided to try out something new - I'm starting a 10-day cleanse led by Prema Health tomorrow. Since it's Yom Kippur, I'll start with a fast. I haven't fasted on Yom Kippur in many years, but it feels like perfect timing!  If you're in Portland and would like to break the fast together, please come visit

I'll probably host a voting party once we receive our Oregon ballots - I'll keep ya posted as to when that will take place.  

Since this Eleven is pretty political - here's a little hope for you. An evangelical leader distancing himself from Drumpf. And, the movement by GOP leaders to attack those who have left the Drumpf ship? Well, as someone who reads the NYT way too often and has an MA in political science from Rutgers - this is something I've been waiting a lifetime for.