Mary Magdalene Church is an inclusive church in the
Catholic tradition where people from all faiths and backgrounds are welcome to the Lord's Table. We strive to live the values that
Jesus taught, to honor and respect each individual
and to share the joy of God's unconditional love
in our community and beyond.
Mary Magdalene Church
December 19, 2022
Year-End Appeal

May today there be peace within
May you trust God that you are
exactly where you are meant to be
May you not forget
the infinite possibilities that are born of faith
May you use those gifts that you have received
and pass on the love that has been given you
May you be content knowing you are a child of god
Let this presence settle into your bones
and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise, and love
It is there for each and every one of us
~Saint Teresa of Avila~
Mary Magdalene Church
1008 Main Street
East Rochester, NY 14445


As we draw near the end of 2022, we are mindful of the tremendous strides we have made as we continue to emerge from COVID and the significant spirit-driven events of the past year, including:
  • Adapting to Bishop Denise’s changing health and decision to retire earlier than initially planned
  • Voting to hire a full-time pastor, accepting the associated costs and then voting to offer that key position to Rev. Lori Vail
  • Forming the InReach/OutReach team and starting the campaign to support our new full-time pastor and the associated additional expenses
  • Successful initial response to the InReach/OutReach Fundraising Campaign
  • Celebrating Bishop Denise’s retirement as pastor with a fabulous party!
  • Successful FUNRaising Events: Rummage Sale, Moneyball and a Christmas Jazz Concert
  • Regaining strong attendance at Sunday masses and restarting a vibrant choir
  • Maintaining our strong virtual presence, meeting the needs of those near and far
  • Continued participation in our local East Rochester Community and support of Family Promise

Mary Magdalene Church’s leadership is busy preparing for the coming year and to do so, as the chairs of the InReach/OutReach Team and Board of Trustees we are writing to ask you to consider offering a financial gift that ensures the sustainability of this community and its mission of loving inclusion of all God’s people. We are so blessed! The work we do is only possible because of you and the diverse ways you support MMC!
On behalf of the InReach/OutReach Team and the Board of Trustees, we thank you for your ongoing gifts and support. Our annual year-end appeal is our final opportunity in 2022 to solidify the financial support needed to meet the growing needs of our community. As we acknowledge the many ways that each of you generously support us, some of which are financial, we are offering an opportunity to do so as the year ends. Our future health depends on generous gifts from our wonderful community.
Here are some of the vital ways that your donations keep this community thriving:
  • $50 pays for two months of wax bags for communion wafers – a useful safety measure
  • $200 pays for essential cleaning services so that we can meet safely and with comfort
  • $250 pays for a year of live-streaming service, reaching more than 150 people each week
  • $1028 pays our mortgage on the church for one month 
  • A gift of any size helps us create the financial stability we need to continue to meet the needs of the community even as things change

We are all keenly aware that gifts you offer transcend the present moment. They help us build a church that will be here to serve future generations. An investment in the future of Mary Magdalene Church is a way to be part of building the kind of world we know our loving God wishes for each of us – one that is inclusive, awake, and alive. Any amount you can give is greatly appreciated.
There are several ways to give. You can mail a check to the church at the address above, use the "Donate" button below this note, visit our website if you prefer to make an automatic ongoing donation you can complete this pledge form, and mail it to the church. And of course, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.
We send you our best wishes for Christmas and the end of 2022, and we pray you find the coming year to be one of renewal and peace. May God bless and keep us - every one!
In deep gratitude, filled with God’s Love & Peace,
Bob Pizzutiello                                            Jim Kerg
InReach/OutReach Team Chair              Board of Trustees Chair                    

Do you have someone you
want us to pray for?
To add someone to the prayer list, contact:
Rev. Denise Donato at or 585-329-0895
or Joann Corso at 585-223-5682
We will include your prayer request in our Prayers of the Faithful for two weeks. If you'd like us to continue praying for the same need longer,
please just send an email! We'll be happy to do so.
If you'd like to join our team of "pray-ers" and be notified where there are
prayer needs, please send an email to Rev. Denise Donato at

Rev. Lori Vail
Phone: 585-353-5954

Bishop Denise Donato
Pastor Emeritus
Phone: 585-329-0895

Sue Gerber
Parish Admin Assistant
Phone: 585-586-4104