2017 year-end science summary and what it means for families

By Alycia Halladay, PhD, Chief Science Officer of the  Autism Science Foundation 
and the  Scientific Advisory Board of the Autism Science Foundation

For the third year, ASF has compiled the year's research across scientific disciplines on autism.  We took a comprehensive look at which research had the greatest potential to impact families and that had significant influence on the direction of upcoming work. Focus areas this year include new intervention, ways to better diagnose ASD, approaches to understanding symptoms, females, sexuality, employment, neurobiology, genetics, and gene x environment interactions.  In 2017, the major themes are the "H" word, or heterogeneity in symptoms across the spectrum, ways to make the broad spectrum smaller, and how big data approaches are helping make this happen. 

Thank you to families who participated in research and tireless autism researchers for lending their skills to answer the tough questions.  And of course, thank you all for listening to these podcasts all year long! 

Our full year-end autism science summary can be read on our blog here.

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