May 20, 2020 - In This Issue:


The fiscal year-end is rapidly approaching and Supply Chain Management (SCM) would like to remind you of important upcoming dates when buying goods and services during this time. 
Please pass this message to anyone who may:
  • Need to have a purchase order issued before fiscal year-end
  • Need to have a lien removed or chartfield change before fiscal year-end 
  • Need to submit invoices or expense reports for payment before fiscal year-end
Click here for detailed information.
Changes to Rideshare Reimbursement Program

UCSF has made changes to the temporary COVID-19 rideshare reimbursement program that was implemented on March 20. Rideshare expenses incurred after Friday, May 1, can no longer be submitted in MyExpense for reimbursement.
As a replacement, UCSF has partnered with Uber to launch a temporary UCSF COVID-19 Campus Commuting Program which offers subsidized Uber rides. Employees facing commuting hardships who were previously using rideshares and submitting reimbursement claims can continue using subsidized rideshares by joining the new program. 

While UCSF departments will cover 75 percent of the cost for up to two fares a day (one round trip), the maximum subsidy will not exceed $50 per ride. Any driver tip will be paid by the rider. UCSF employees must first get approval from their supervisor to join. 
For full program details such as eligibility, the time period that this program is valid, and how it works, please review the  informational flyer  and visit the  Campus Life Services website
For supervisors or managers, please visit the UCSF COVID-19 Campus Commuting Program with Uber form  to approve employees for the program.
SCM Moves to Electronic Invoicing through Transcepta
Supply Chain Management (SCM) has begun a program th at will  tra nsform how Accounts Payable supports our departments and suppliers by creating a more paperless business model. This new operating model requires making incremental and/or permanent changes in how we do business. One of the key initiatives is invoice processing through our e-invoicing partner Transcepta.
Effective June 15, suppliers who receive BearBuy purchase orders will be required to submit invoices through Transcepta to avoid major delays in processing and payment. With the extensions of the shelter-in-place order, SCM has been contacting suppliers to sign up and submit electronic invoices, but we need you to support this effort by requesting suppliers to submit invoices for BearBuy purchase orders only through Transcepta .
In addition to significantly reducing costs associated with printing, processing and delivering paper invoices, there is no cost for suppliers to use Transcepta. Perhaps most important, electronic invoicing is touchless, which means suppliers will receive payments faster. And, by streamlining the invoicing process, the University benefits by improving and developing good relationships with our suppliers who play a critical role in supporting the University research.
After June 15, please only use Accounts Payable email addresses for submitting internal UCSF forms such as check request forms, relocation travel expense vouchers, signature cards and certain types of invoices such as subcontract invoices and facility rental invoices with supplemental forms.
Please refer suppliers to our UCSF Transcepta site for more information on signing up.
Using the BearBuy Payment Request Form
The BearBuy Payment Request Form (PRF) is meant to be used only for certain types of purchases, not for buying goods and services. The PRF should only be used for the following limited types of payments:
  • Cell phone/Phone lines
  • Donations/Contributions
  • Government fees/Visas
  • Guest lodging
  • Honoraria
  • Memberships/Subscriptions/Journal publications
  • Refunds
  • Registration fees
  • Student summer programs
  • Utilities
Buying Goods and Services
To purchase goods or services, create a BearBuy requisition and purchase order  (PO) prior to making the purchase. POs help ensure authorization, financial controls, and policy compliance.  Purchasing of goods or services without using a preapproved PO is considered unauthorized per  UC policy .
When creating a requisition in BearBuy and a supplier appears with a red stop sign next to its name, this means the supplier is not currently accepting POs . To make a purchase through the supplier, you should:
For one-time purchase of low -risk goods and services under $ 5,000 from a supplier, you  may opt to use a procurement card (P-Card), if you have one.  Visit Supply Chain Management's  P-Card pages  for more information.

Q:  How can I save a ship-to address for my future orders?

A:  For detailed instructions, please refer to "Specify a User Profile Default for the Ship-to Address" on Page 2 of the Updating Your User Profile and Settings Guide.

To save a non-UCSF address that you can't find by searching in BearBuy, enter the phrase "one-time" (without quotes) in the Address Search box. Give the address a Nickname you will recognize, such as "Univ of Florida - Psychiatry."

*Before saving a one-time ship-to address, confirm the address is not available in BearBuy. If one is available, you do not need to save the address.

Q: How do I save accounting codes in my BearBuy profile?

A:  For detailed instructions, please see "Specify Code Favorites" on Page 2 of  Updating Your User Profile and Settings Guide .

For additional assistance, please visit BearBuy FAQs.

Q:  I have a voucher (invoice) in BearBuy that is pending Match Exception approval due to a price or quantity discrepancy. Should I reject the voucher?

A:  A voucher should only be rejected if the supplier has confirmed that the invoice should never be paid or if the supplier has already submitted a revised invoice. It is important to contact the supplier directly to address any pricing or quantity discrepancies. In most cases, suppliers will issue a credit memo for any pricing issues. Once the credit memo has been processed by Accounts Payable, the original invoice/voucher in match exception will still need to be approved as the credit memo voucher will offset the incorrect amount.


FOR BEARBUY technical support, how-to help or questions regarding basic purchasing, contact the IT Service Desk.
Phone: (415) 514-4100, option 2 (M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

FOR ACCOUNTS PAYABLE support, contact the Accounts Payable Helpdesk.
Phone: (415) 502-3331

Phone: (415) 502-6245

FOR GENERAL Supply Chain Management questions, please email or visit our website at

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