Volume 129 | December 31, 2018
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New Year Blessings
May 2019 be bright and joyful for you!
Free Salvi Trunk
Wooden Trunk available, used to ship Salvi Aurora. Please contact the store if you are interested. [800-893-4277] Trunk is in excellent condition. SE Texas area.
Used Venus Diplomat
This pre-owned Venus Diplomat Concert Grand In Natural Finish Pedal Harp Package comes back to us after providing 13 years of enjoyment to one of our customers who has recently downsized. Purchased in 2005, it has been well maintained through the years and even had a full checkup the first of this year with all new strings and complete regulation by Peter Wiley!
Rarely moved, it is in pristine condition and has a full, rich tone. Along with the harp is included the thick, padded Venus cover (not pictured) , K-2 brand 6-wheel dolly, matching bench and a unique [and awesome] matching music stand.
Please Note:
Picture at left, yes, is the actual harp. If you would like further information on this instrument, please call - 281.890.4500 - or email: melodytradmusic@gmail.com.
Used EvenSong 26 Therapy Harp
Built in 2015 by Hobgoblin/StoneyEnds Harps, the Even Song was designed by request for music therapy. This 26-string harp offers three-and-a-half octaves from C to G and a full set of Truitt Levers. With the installed strap buttons and strap, it can be worn over the shoulder for "walk around" playing - perfect for therapist in hospital type settings. In Walnut, this harp has a soothing rich voice and impressive volume.
Dimensions: H-43" x W-10" x D-21"
Weight: 11 pounds
Includes tuning key, padded case AND a full back-up string set.
If you would like further information on this instrument, please call - 281.890.4500 - or email: melodytradmusic@gmail.com.

New Harp Music Titles
The Lively Bard (digital)
INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS  Twenty Up-Tempo Arrangements of Welsh Airs, based on collected tunes of Edward Jones, Harper to King George IV. For flute or violin with lever harp accompaniment. Guitar chords included. This is the PDF download version of this publication.
California Gold And eight other songs Written for the Folk Harp By W. Mahan
Contents: California Gold, Angels Camp Hoedown, Carmel Valley Air, Sierra Waltz, Spanish California, Parade of the Roses, Yosemite Sunrise, Tahoe Reflections, Old Santa Barbara. Nine beautiful melodies arranged with lovely harmonies. This book has a romantic flavor and depicts the most beautiful parts of California. LINK (paper)
Tranquility by Frank Voltz
Reminiscent of Frank's "Peace Be With You" and "Reflections". Simple and serene, lilting and lovely, peaceful and relaxing. Part of its beauty is the simplicity of recurring patterns, moving up the harp with anticipation. Then the melody lands back on musical clouds. Perfect for any occasion. Key of D minor, easy page turns, several accidentals. There is plenty of time to make the lever changes for accidentals, so don't worry! Link

Wexford Carol with Slane
PEDAL HARP UPPER INTERMEDIATE - beautiful darkish harmonies in this unusual arrangement. In Eb, mostly in the lower register of the instrument with a repeated rhythmic pattern that is almost like lulling waves. Link (includes audio)

Fountain of Youth
INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. This lovely tune has large rolled chords mimicking the sound of a waterfall. Helpful for students learning arpeggios. More advanced harpists will find the repetitive pattern falling under their fingers effortlessly. In the key of F major, this piece has easy page turns and one accidental. Large rolled chords on the downbeat of the melody are incorporated in the primary section. The secondary section changes to arpeggios like a waterfall with four notes in each hand in a repetitive pattern (not repeated notes). LINK
Gossamer Wings
INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Light, sweet, and delicate, like spider web or a butterfly's wings. Perfect for wedding prelude, lighting of the unity candle, communion, or background music. The word "gossamer" means thing like spider web, or delicate like butterfly wings. This piece is light, sweet, and delicate. It has a lovely and haunting melody after an arpeggiated introduction. The middle section consists of a simple left hand pattern and intervals of sixth in the right hand melody. Then the original melody returns at the end. In Bb major, easy page turns, and two accidentals. LINK
Missing Harp
Courtesy message for Evelyn Castiglioni:

Dear Area harpists, I am tracking down a harp rented by T. F. in September last year. If you have it or any information would you please contact Evelyn Castiglioni (info below).

Harp description: 2012 Triplett Signature - 36 strings, full Camac II levers, Bubinga 
SERIAL NUMBER:           00412

Last known address of renter was Mansions on the Park in Magnolia (TX).

Thank you for your help, for more details including name and contact info on renter:
Evelyn Tiffany-Castiglioni

Picture at left is not actual harp, but is a similar Triplett Harp.
Wooden Music Stands
These lovely stands are not on our web site, and for in-store purchase only (no shipping). Priced very nicely at $150 and $200 - we have seen these for upwards to $600. They were part of an estate.
In memory of Melody.....
We've had a history of fostering and being the guardians of many dogs, even naming our store and publishing company after Melody, an Afghan Hound. (1987-1998).
Down to only one after these many years, we are sad to say that our friend and good buddy, Joey, went to his next experience during the very early hours of Thanksgiving Day. After a period of mourning, we now have 2 Afghan Hound fosters: Teyla and Ronin. Ronin, the little boy, will likely be a therapy dog. Teyla - we will see after her botched original spay. She has some healing yet to do. But you can see she is a typical Afghan Hound taking up the important parts of the bed. Both were abandoned in a back yard after the owners moved. Both have prospective new guardians.