With all that is happening in the world, the financial markets, our government, you may be wondering how this impacts your investments and what you should or shouldn't do next...

What is it about the month of October when it comes to finance? The stock market crash of 1929 ushered in the Great Depression. Black Monday 1987, also October, was driven by computer trading and portfolio insurance, though an economic calamity did not ensue. During October 2008, the S&P 500 Index lost nearly 17%, the biggest monthly decline of the financial crisis (St. Louis Federal Reserve).
What really caused the October turbulence this time around? Well, first things first: The S&P 500 was up 6 straight months and was heading into what has historically been the most volatile month of the year. Add in the continued worries over the Federal Reserve (Fed), the global economy, and trade tensions with China, and the market finally broke. In the end, it was Fed Chair Jay Powell’s comment on October 3 that we’re a “long way” from neutral that sparked much of the volatility. This statement made it appear the Fed was intent on continuing to increase interest rates, and it led to a reevaluation of risk assets.
I don't want to get too technical on you, so let's just say we’ve had growth scares before, and they occurred when activity was not as robust as it is today. However, today, credit markets are functioning normally, the outlook for the U.S. economy is favorable, and odds of a near-term recession remain low. As we need to be reminded from time to time, continue with the long-term plan, have confidence in an investment’s larger story, and don’t be swayed by short-term volatility.
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MARKET COMMENTARY : More Tricks than Treats for Markets in October
Unfortunately, October lived up to its scary reputation for the markets. Here in the U.S., all three major indices were down for the month. The Nasdaq Composite fared worst with a 9.16-percent loss. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 6.84 percent and 4.98 percent, respectively.

Slowing growth and a change in sentiment with regard to large technology companies drove the stock sell-off. The big tech names have been a major driver of returns throughout the year. As such, a pullback here had a disproportionate impact on the broader markets. From a technical perspective, all three indices finished the month below their 200-day moving averages. But a rally at month-end cut losses and moved them back toward the trend line..'

November is National Caregivers Month
Each day, parents, children, siblings, and spouses selflessly sacrifice their time and energy to care for family members affected by illness, injury, or disability. Caregiving takes an emotional, physical, and financial toll. It is important for caregivers to know that their labors of love are appreciated, and to recognize that they need care and support as well. 

You will find several articles in our Taking Care of Loved Ones blog on our website's Knowledge Center that may be helpful to you as a caregiver:

  • Where to Start When Your Child Has Special Needs
  • Parenting a Child with Special Needs
  • Don't Wait to Ask Your Parents These Important Questions
  • What You Can Do With a Will
  • Being a Financial Caregiver For Your Parents

Year-End Tax Planning Time is Here: With the changes in the Tax Plan this year, consider these options to maximize your return

10 Smart Tax Strategies for 2018

  1. Invest in municipal bonds to generate tax-free income. Even with reduced tax rates, municipal bonds may still be attractive on a relative tax basis for higher-income taxpayers, especially those who find themselves subject to the 3.8% surtax on net investment income. The tax equivalent yield, i.e., the yield an investor would require in a taxable bond investment to equal the yield of a comparable tax-free municipal bond, is higher for those taxpayers. 
  2. Utilize strategies to reduce or avoid taxable income. Contributing to a retirement plan or IRA, funding a flexible spending account (FSA), or deferring compensation income can reduce adjusted gross income (AGI) and prevent a taxpayer from reaching key income thresholds that may result in a higher tax bill. Conversely, be mindful of transactions, such as the sale of a highly appreciated asset, which may increase your overall income above thresholds for the 3.8% surtax, impact taxability of Social Security benefits, or result in higher Medicare premiums.

Compassionate & Affordable Adult Day Care
in Northeast Philadelphia
The care of our aging loved ones often weighs heavily on our thoughts. Will they be okay when left alone? Will they feel safe in another's care? What can I do to help them stay healthy and be social? We all want to feel secure in our choices when deciding upon care for our aging loved ones.

Our clients Anna Ufberg and Vlada Rubarkh , are compassionate, driven women with a desire to fulfill a need in the community, providing quality care and socialization to aging adults, while giving caregivers a necessary respite. Both women are medical professionals and the co-founders of Northeast Adult Day Care, which they opened nearly 20 years ago with the mission of providing love, dignity and respect to the elderly in their care. They operate a state of the art facility in Northeast Philadelphia designed to improve the wellness and quality of life for their patients.

Northeast provides a range of activities that keeps attendees in full-swing through the greatest years of their life, including daily exercise groups, organized table games, special interest groups, and excursions as well as movies and music. They also offer high standard geriatric care, including nursing support, physical therapy, meditation sessions, medication administration and RN coordinated care and so much more.

If you are interested in learning more about Northeast Adult Day Care , they can be reached at ( 215) 671-0200.
Do You Have the Right 'Power Of Attorney?'
A power of attorney (POA) is a document that designates an agent or attorney-in-fact to act on a person’s behalf regarding his or her financial affairs. Without a valid financial POA, a person’s loved ones would need to seek court approval for the authority to make any decisions involving the accounts. Although it seems like an obvious solution, there are both pros and cons to the POA decision, and it’s our job, as your trusted financial advisor, to help our clients determine the best solution.

There are many different types of POAs, but the two primary types are the springing POA and the general durable POA . Both are designed and intended to give a person’s designated agent broad authority to make decisions on that person’s behalf when he or she is unable to do so. But there are also differences between them, especially as it relates to when and how they become effective.

Clea ning For Cancer: How a Philly Cleaning Service Helps Women in Need
Raylene Arko, owner of a residential and commercial cleaning business in Fishtown, Keep It Clean with Raylene, has had a fair share of experience with cancer. Her father died of lung cancer that metastasized to his brain. Her grandmother died of breast cancer. Her mother is a 13-year breast cancer survivor and has seen the toll a cancer diagnosis can take on a family — how everyday tasks can become a burden.

So Arko decided to use her business to lend a hand to women with cancer by offering complimentary home-cleaning visits .

Arko is not the only cleaning company offering this thoughtful service. Read more about how you can connect a loved one battling cancer with a helpful hand during a difficult time .
CURO is Taking You on a History Tour Dedicated to Philly’s Most Badass Women
The figures featured on your typical tour through Philly’s Historic District are predominantly men, from the Founding Fathers on down. But what about the women who contributed so much to the history of the city and the nation?

Thanks to a Haverford grad  Rebecca Laureanna Fisher , you can now take a tour that unearths the history of Philly’s most badass women — “cool colonial women, change makers, sex workers and more.”

CURO will be gathering a group of women for a private tour in April 2019, with Beyond the Bell. If you're interested in joining us for what is sure to be a fun, interesting and educational day, please let us know you would like to be sent an invitation.
Where does your journey begin?

Young professionals often have a unique financial situation that doesn’t quite fit the “traditional” financial advisor model. Some are just beginning their careers, while others are already climbing the ladder. Everyone is unique, but one thing young professionals have in common is a vision of the future they aspire to achieve

Working families are the Hercules of the American society, often balancing children, aging parents, work, life, and future goals. The families are often busy, the days are never-ending and the to-do lists pile up, but they find purpose in the hectic times: to create a better life for themselves and those they cherish most.


The Golden Years are hopeful times. Most of the stress of children and growing careers has subsided however, other issues arise: the estate, healthcare, taxes, and income. Since life has taught them to persevere, they are confident that all their hard work will harvest harmony for their future.

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