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December 2019
Giving Thanks
As we prepare to sit around festive tables with abundant food, beverages and seasonal decorations perhaps we can pause and reflect on where it all came from. In most cases a store, but before the store? Most of what we consume begins in the soil, raised by the sun, encouraged by the rain, and cared for by the farmer. When we look at our food, we may become aware of the interconnection to all of life that created it and brought it to our table. We paid for it, yes, but is it not more satisfying to imagine it as a gift which includes the star dust that falls to earth and enters the soil? Perhaps it includes a thunderstorm or two! Our bodies are not separate from the eco-system that supports our existence. Are not groceries turned into a human being by a mother who eats to support two? < Read More >
What will be new this year?

Focusing offers a proven method of direct experiencing that brings fresh meaning and perspective to re-occurring issues. 
Working with the Body in Psychotherapy 

Date : January 18 th
Time : 10:00-12:00
Place : My office
Limited to 6 people

Come enjoy learning something new and being guided in enjoyable exercises designed to give you a sample of Focusing and how to use it in therapy. A new training program begins in the Fall of 2020; this talk will allow you to taste and see what it’s all about.
Of Local Interest
Doctor Dawn Flynn launches her new website WholeBody Holistic  featuring Natural Medicine and Healing Retreats for Body, Mind and Soul. In addition to providing Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture Doctor Flynn is a Certified Focusing Practitioner and Focusing Coordinator in Training. 
Focusing is a powerful force for global change. Check out what my friends in El Salvador are doing.
This young energized group of dedicated Focusing teachers is bringing Focusing and empathetic communication to Salvadoran woman and girls, fostering resilience, self-care, and mutual support. Perhaps you would be willing to make a donation?
Book Review

Therapist, Focuser, and Colleague, Peter Afford, has recently published his new book:

Therapy in the Age of Neuroscience; A Guide for Counselors and Therapists

< read more >
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