Hello Dear Supporters.

As we come to the end of the year, we can reflect back that it hasn't been an easy year for Nepal. The spring brought 2 earthquakes killing over 8,000 people and devastating thousands more. Currently and for the past 3 months, a political situation between India and Nepal is causing a blockade on vital imports such as fuel and medicine, verging on a humanitarian crisis.

The good news is that your support is making a difference in the lives of people experiencing this challenging reality on a daily basis. 

Meet one of our 50-school rebuilding partners, 
Mahabir Pun

"There was no internet in Nangi. The closest was in Pokhara, which was a 2 day hike away. So every month, I walked from Nangi to Pokhara to check my email. For 6 years, every month, I did that. In 2001, I decided there must be a smarter way." 
-Mahabir Pun, founder of  Nepal Wireless.

Watch the amazingly beautiful and inspiring 8 min film here on  Mahabir Pun and get ready to be blown away at what one person's vision and focus can make happen.

We have the BEST partners working with us on our school rebuilding and we feel so lucky and grateful to have their experience, intellect, and passion on board with us as we move forward.   

We are extremely pleased with our international partnership formed in response to the devastation.
50 safe and effective 21st century schools are being built for 10,000 students in four of the most devastated districts of Nepal.  These schools are being built to include water purification, computer and wireless connectivity, in-school computer curriculum and virtual library systems and training.
They will take us 2.5 years to build, and ground has been broken, accompanied by stone laying ceremonies to bless the grounds, on almost 20 schools already. 

$380 per student covers the building of these schools with all of their amenities. Help us get all 10,000 students covered here ! 
(This per student $ amount has been recently revised down due to negotiations and cost savings.)

In the weeks directly after the earthquake, thanks to so many of you, we were able to send medical teams and form a Nepali/American/Malaysian team for that work.

We also provided:
Tents to villages 5,380
Food packets 5,000
Noodle boxes 2,960
Rice 45,960 lbs
Blankets 2,250
Baby milk 700 servings

as well as Temporary school tents for 15 schools

The orphanage is going strong. For our 5th year in a row, we are funding 3,200 meals a month, school tuition, tutoring and medicine for 47 children. Andrew just returned from Nepal and a meeting with the principal there came back with reports that our kids are doing amazingly well in school, attendance is great, sickness is down! The only issue is that they need more sets of their uniforms, as their uniforms get dirty and worn out quickly in this environment, so that will be on our 2016 purchase list.

Thank you for your continued support!


Jami Saunders + Andrew Raible
and the team at Kids of Kathmandu