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Silicon Dragon Valley 2018
The US-China Nexus

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Year In Review 2018
8 Ways China Still Climbs As A Tech Innovator 
Plus A Few Downsides

A look back at the year 2017 underscores some of the most significant developments over the past 12 months in China's ongoing technology revolution and its challenge to other dominant hubs globally.
  • the rise of China as a leading contender in artificial intelligence and its impact on transportation, retail, finance, robotics and many other economic sectors. Think Baidu.
  • China's contribution to the sharing economy for bikes, taxis, sports equipment and even umbrellas.  Think Didi, Ofo, Mobike.
  • the advances in China's retail sector that have led to cash-less and staff-less stores. Think Bingo Box and F5 Future.
  • a new generation of venture capitalists who have spun out smaller VC funds from established global or successful local players such as Kleiner Perkins, NEA, Khosla and IDG-Accel. Think Wei Zhou, Xiaodong Jiang, Andrew Chung, Feng Li.
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China IPOs in NY Rebound To 16 With Lexin

Lexin IPO
Chinese online lending startup LexinFintech turned in a respectable first day of trading late December in New York, pushing back concerns over China curbs on this fast-growing market.
China IPOs in the U.S. rebounded in 2017, as 16 Chinese companies went public on Nasdaq and the NYSE, matching the number of Chinese IPOs in 2014 and showing a considerable uptick since early this decade when investor sentiment toward China soured in the wake of a few accounting scandals and de-listings.
The 16 Chinese companies raised $3.7 billion or about 8 percent of the total $35.6 billion raised by 160 IPOs in 2017. 
Chinese tech titans Tencent and Alibaba are behind some of this pick-up. They backed recent new listers including Chinese search engine Sogou, e-book company China Literature, microlender Qudian and logistics company Best.

Another bridge has developed between Israel and China, cultures that both value learning. 
Technion became the first Israeli university to open in the Middle Kingdom, thanks to a collaboration between Technion and China's Shantou University. The campus, named Guangdong Technion Israel Institute of Technology,  held a festive celebration in Shantou to mark the debut. 
Technion President Lavie thanked philanthropist
Li Ka-shing, whose profound vision, legendary generosity and deep devotion were instrumental in the realization of the project. 

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