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Watch For China's Silicon Valley 
To Dominate In 2018

Silicon Dragon 2.0
As a new year begins, it's clear that the concept of Silicon Dragon has gone mainstream. The western world can no longer ignore the expanding power, influence and impact of China's Silicon Valley. 
Over the past decade since my first book  Silicon Dragon  was published in 2008, China's tech and venture scene has evolved quickly.  
It's no longer considered a joke to say that China is winning the tech race. 
There are just too many examples of how China  IS  leading advances in a new era of technology. It's clearly no longer a case of copying ideas from the West. Today, it's about ideas traveling from China to the West and being copied. What a transformation! 
The world's biggest tech companies are no longer mainly from America. 
Keep reading, Forbes:  China's Next Wave

Plus, 2017 Year in Review
Our look back at the year 2017 underscores some of the most significant developments over the past 12 months in China's ongoing technology revolution and its challenge to other dominant hubs globally.
  • the rise of China as a leading contender in artificial intelligence and its impact on transportation, retail, finance, robotics and many other economic sectors. Think Baidu.
  • China's contribution to the sharing economy for bikes, taxis, sports equipment and even umbrellas.  Think Didi, Ofo, Mobike.
  • the advances in China's retail sector that have led to cash-less and staff-less stores. Think Bingo Box and F5 Future.
  • a new generation of venture capitalists who have spun out smaller VC funds from established global or successful local players such as Kleiner Perkins, NEA, Khosla and IDG-Accel. Think Wei Zhou, Xiaodong Jiang, Andrew Chung, Feng Li.
    Read Forbes
  • 4 More Ways
Alibaba has led a $15.3 million investment along with GSR Ventures and SAIF Partners in Shanghai-based virtual reality and augmented reality startup, Plex-VR Digital Technology, which will use the capital to advance its applications for real estate, entertainment and education.  

Continuing its investment forays, China's social networking and fintech company Renren has acquired San Jose-based startup Truck Path, a trucking business in the U.S. that is akin to Uber but for trucks. Renren was a prior investor in the trucking company's Series A round of $20 million in 2015. 

Raising the stakes in the global ride-sharing market, Didi Chuxing, a China rival to Uber, has raised $4 billion to gear up global expansion, AI and electric vehicles. The latest fund-raising, which includes capital from Japan's Softbank, values Didi at $56 billion. Didi raised $5.5 billion in April 2017. 


 Inside Huawei's Plan to Challenge Apple in the U.S.  
The U.S. may no longer be a safe refuge for Apple and Samsung from the relentless rise of Huawei, writes The Information. When Huawei launches its flagship phone with AT&T early next year, the Chinese tech giant is finally going after Apple's home turf. 

Bringing AI to Mass Manufacturing
AI industry leader Andrew Ng is building a new company in  partnership with Apple iPhone assembler Foxconn that will bring additional smarts to the manufacturing industry. 

Google is opening an AI research lab in China and is in a hiring mode, countering Baidu's AI research lab in California. 

The Startup Hero Maverick venture capitalist Tim Draper has written a book! 
The Startup Hero.
Draper says the book is not perfect but he wrote every word so it's authentic. It's meant to be guide for entrepreneurs, aspiring and already starting up.  
Proceeds from the book will be donated by Draper's foundation to the DRK Foundation Charity. 
You can buy the book here on Kindle
and in paperback here. 

Don't Miss The Connections in 2018! 

Connie Bruno Bensaid Mobike, Shuo, Gary Kamran, Jan, Gianluca
Nisa Leung Jeffrey, Chibo
VCs and dealmakers at 2017 events: Connie Chen, Robert Schuerger, Bruno Bensaid, Stan Fung, Florian Bohnert, Shuonan Chen, Gary Rieschel, Kamran Ansari, Jan Alexander, Gianluca Gialetto, Nisa Leung, Jeffrey Chi, Rebecca Fannin, Chibo Tang