Shared Ministries Fund - Year-End

Once again this year, I have the privilege of sharing my thoughts with the Year Round Delegate Group on the importance of your congregation’s giving to the Shared Ministries Fund (SMF) as we approach the NACCC’s fiscal year end of March 31 st . Aided by the efforts of the year round delegates, over 90% of our member churches consistently make an annual gift to the SMF and nearly 45% of those gifts are Fair Share gifts or Fair Share Plus gifts. A hardy thank you who act as the NACCC’s conduit to our member churches and the congregations that you serve. 

All of the programs and services that the NACCC provides to its member churches are dependent upon an adequately funded SMF. Here is a list of a few of the programs and services that could not be offered without an adequately funded SMF:
  • NACCC mission partners could not be supported on a dollar to dollar basis.
  • Scholarships and grants would not be available to aid the training of future ministers.
  • There would not be an Annual Meeting or any of the gatherings offered to adults, youth, or ministers.
  • Current and retired ministers could not be supported and Minister’s Convocations would have to be discontinued.
  • Job boards would not be available for churches and ministers to connect with each other.
  • New churches and churches in conflict would not have a place to turn to.
  • Financial Grants would not be available for churches in need.
  • Loans would not be available for congregations to invest in their future.

Michael, Debby and I have begun our annual contact of member churches who have not yet given to the SMF in the current fiscal year. We look forward to the opportunity to dialogue with you on the exciting things happening within the NACCC and your congregations. We hope to continue to partner with you to aid our member churches by supporting the NACCC’s SMF. We thank all of you for your past support and providing the financial resources to continue to advance the Congregational Way throughout our country and the world.
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This month Dan Drea wants to know:

  1. What is the service that the NACCC should add to its portfolio of services that would have the greatest impact for our member churches?
  2. Can you share a service that your church or a neighboring congregation received from the NACCC?
  3. Beyond your congregation’s borders, what do you feel is the most vital service the NACCC provides for its member churches?
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