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National Association of Congregational Christian Churches
September 2019
“Missionaries are just like real people!”
Julie Robie, Missions Administrator

Every year at the NACCC Annual Meeting and Conference, the Mission and Outreach Ministry Council (MOMC) sponsors a Missionary Reception. It is an informal evening gathering where the missionaries and those attending the meeting have a chance to meet face to face. It is also a time for the missionaries to thank and spend time with their donors.
All of the recent receptions had one thing in common – chocolate! M&M’s were used to mark on a table map where NACCC missions are located around the world and how many folks had visited that mission. Some M&M’s never made it to the map of course.  Greg Jurewicz, chair of the Alumni Association, has made wraps for over 70 chocolate bars each year with the MOMC theme for the reception. Those candy bars are handed out at the reception and made available on the MOMC display table for those who pass by.

What comes of this fun, factual and fattening time together? MOMC hears over-and-over again - “Missionaries are just like real people!” Most of them speak fluent English. Some of them speak 5 languages. They use the internet for their work (when there is power or connectivity), have Facebook pages and email. Many have advanced degrees. Several have retired from corporate jobs to spend their time running a mission or pastoring a church. They struggle to provide for and raise families in areas of deep need, financial crisis and limited medical care. Real life struggles for real people, just like us, who dedicate their lives spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.

If you have a chance to attend the 2020 meeting in Portland, Maine, please consider attending the Missionary Reception – there will be chocolate!
MOMC Candy Bar
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This month Julie Robie wants to know:
1.       What else could the Mission and Outreach Ministry Council do to help you feel more connected to NACCC missionaries?
2.       What information from the missionaries would help you get to know them better?
3.       How can you keep your church updated on the mission work of the NACCC?
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