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National Association of Congregational Christian Churches
July 2019
Annual Meeting Highlights!

Highlights of the remarkably meaningful meeting included the Congregational Lecture by the Rev. Dr. John Tamilio III speaking on what is unique about our Congregational heritage; three Bible Lectures from the Rev. Dr. Brett Younger on the Book of Mark describing how we are all would-be disciples and surprising saints in trying to follow Jesus Christ; and a plenary session workshop led by the Rev Dr. Charles Warnock on The Promising Future of Small Churches. Several significant workshops and presentations were offered to attendees on a variety of topics. The Congregational Foundation for Theological Studies held a graduation ceremony for two seminary graduates, Joel Boyd and Joy Matos. Presentations by twelve missionaries sponsored by the NACCC brought the delegates up to date on the work of their missions.

James Waechter, Moderator
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1. If you attended the annual meeting in Cleveland, was the meeting valuable for your church? Please explain by giving some specific examples.
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