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National Association of Congregational Christian Churches
August 2019
Center for Congregational Leadership

No matter how healthy and vibrant a congregation may be, there’s always opportunity to learn from others. Whether it’s improving facilities management, finding new ways to minister to others, learning how to find the right pastor, or just about anything else, we all have information that is worth sharing. Every church -- big or small, rural or urban, wealthy or poor -- does some things well.
It’s time for us to share that information with one another.
Through the NACCC’s Center for Congregational Leadership , you will be able to access videos shared by others on such topics as:
       How to conduct a pastoral search
       Crime-proofing your Meetinghouse
       Navigating congregational conflict
       Sabbatical opportunities for your pastor and why they are important
       Congregational history
       Congregationalism and its power in the 21st century
       And many more!
What’s more, if you have a special speaker or presentation in your fellowship related to Congregationalism, or Christian ministry in general, we want to encourage you to record it and share it with us! Just contact Shawn Stapleton to determine whether the topic would be of interest, and the best way to record the event for others to view. You can reach Shawn via email , or at 727-403-3663.
Using your internet browser, navigate to click here to see the videos that are already available. Check back often to ensure you don’t miss the latest updates and additions to the library of resources we are offering to our member churches!

Rev. Dr. Shawn P. Stapleton, CCL Workshop Coordinator
Please share the following information with your Pastor & Church.
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Your input is very important and we appreciate those who respond to our questions each month.

This month Shawn Stapleton wants to know:
1.      What information does my congregation need to take our ministry and leadership to a greater level of effectiveness?
2.      Does my congregation have any upcoming events that would benefit the wider NACCC fellowship?
3.      How can I best convey the information above to my congregation?
You can reply to this email newsletter and let us know your thoughts or you can share your opinion on the YRD Facebook Page. If there are any topics you would like to see featured in the YRD Line, please let us know.
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