Julie Robie, Missions Administrator

There is a good chance that for years to come, we will not look at toilet paper the same again. Here today, gone tomorrow. Many missionaries world-wide feel that way about their connections with churches and individuals - Here today with visits, promises made, frequent emails, financial support…. Gone tomorrow when the mountain top experience fades and the romance of mission relationship is replaced with the reality of the commitment – that coming alongside some of the most vulnerable of God’s people can be hard, dangerous and costly. This is what can and often does happen, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a few things which can be done to strengthen and maintain the mission relationship. 

Pray. The most frequent request from NACCC missionaries is to pray for them. And, they pray for us. We receive emails from them asking specifically how they can pray for the NACCC, its churches and individuals. 

Promise carefully. If a promise is made to them, please keep it. They depend on fulfilled promises.

Prepare. The NACCC office receives questions about mission trip opportunities. Which missions can house people? Which missions can accommodate family groups? Is it safe to travel to a certain mission? When is the best time of year to visit? How much will it cost? What should we plan to pack? What do we need to know about the culture to be respectful? For a snapshot of ways to be prepared, the book “The Volunteer Mission Experience” is available from the NA office for $4.00. It contains some great information.
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This month Julie wants to know:
1.       How can NACCC missionaries pray for you or your church?
2.       If your church has been on a mission trip, have promises been kept? If not, what can be done to fix that?
3.       What can your church do to maintain and strengthen mission relationships?
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