"Being a Groupie for the NACCC" 
Rev. Justin Nierer, Vitality Ministry Council, Chair

Sit back and allow me to tell you a tale. A tale of a young man who was the pastor of a Congregational Church and had no idea what “congregational” even meant. A young man who was nominated to be on a ministry council of the NACCC, who helped oversee the regional convocations, a young man who became a “published” author with his Mrs. Peabody stories in the Congregationalist magazine. This pastor fell in love with congregationalism and never looked back.

One of the ways I did fall in love with this amazing tradition of ours was to be a Year-Round Delegate. Truth be told, it is recommended that a pastor not be a YRD (it’s a great way for a lay person to get involved at the national level) but the church where I am pastor wasn’t involved with the NACCC very much and being a YRD for me, was a great tool in order to get a wonderful glimpse of the organization called the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches.

My second annual meeting was in San Diego and while there I was asked to attend the meeting for the Year-Round Delegates and it was there that Rev. Mike Fales made a comment that really stuck with me. I am sure he made it in jest but at its core, it's extremely true. “Year-Round Delegates are the groupies of the NACCC.”

I don’t think any of us are clamoring to hang out with Michael Chittum in the green room or expect any of the staff to pick out the brown M&Ms in the snack bowls. Yet, we need to be the NACCC’s biggest fans. A YRD must be able and willing to celebrate the NACCC, and just like any other fan, to share about and be excited about what the association has to offer and to look forward to the future of the tradition we all hold dear. That being said, if you need a poster size picture of the Rev. Dr. Charles Packer (Dean of CFTS) for your home, just tell me and we might be able to work something out.

So, I ask you dear friends, to celebrate the NACCC! Look for those mailings and emails! As a Year-Round Delegate, as your leadership for time to share during meetings or even in a church service! Make sure your pastor is going to Convocation and make sure you are getting The Congregationalist magazine mailed to your church! Check out the website and Facebook page! As a YRD you are not just part of the NACCC, you are part of the tradition, part of the movement that is Congregationalism! 
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