The fruit of your prayers, support and giving this year!

2020 Year End Report

This year your prayers, love and financial support helped accomplish the following around the world!

Africa Crusades

Feeding the hungry and preaching the Gospel in Eataly Village, Nigeria through our Evangelist Israel Aggrey and his Team of 30 people during the months of March, June and September resulted in a total of 20,000 souls coming to Christ in a village of 30,000.

The two head witch doctors, ages 94 and 76, came against our Evangelist with witchcraft curses and were both supernaturally struck down with strokes by the power of God. "He who sows the wind will reap the whirlwind" (Hosea 8:7). God used this as a teachable moment for the witch doctors and the thousands of villagers held in bondage under their authority.
The witchdoctors were bedridden for 7 days until they repented of their involvement in HUMAN Sacrifices and tormenting the people in the village for decades.

The Human Sacrifices have stopped!

The human sacrifices have ceased and the people are rejoicing. The villagers are born again and free from fear and torment for the first time in their lives. There is now great joy in the city! They want to tell the other villages about Jesus! Thank you those of you who helped make this possible!

Preparing for the greater harvest in Nigeria
Last month we purchased four acres of prime land for $10,000 in Eataly City. This land is strategically positioned in this city for all to come to it for church services. It has been cleared and in 2021 we are building an equipping center to train the eager 20,000 souls to go win other souls in the 55 villages in the surrounding areas. These villages represent about 2 Million Souls who have never heard about our Jesus!
(You can also visit our Africa Crusade tab on our ministry site or visit Israel Aggrey Ministries website or contact me for more information, videos and detail,

Heart of America, Bibles to Prisoners

We're ordering another 250 Bibles to send to the individual inmates on our Bible Waiting list

This Bible ministry was first birthed in 1994 when the Holy Spirit instructed me to give my own Bible away while I was in Federal Prison. He said, "David, give and more will be provided." I obeyed and He kept his word!

10,000 Bibles and 25 years later, with the help of people like you, this ministry continues "changing lives, one Bible at a time behind bars."

If you'd like to help change a life or commit to twelve months of giving at $25/month, you can help raise up twelve disciples behind bars in 2021. Changing lives, one Bible at a Time
2020 Book Donation to the Prisons

Mid year David was asked by Bill Corum and Prison Power Ministries to participate in a multi-author book called, Nuggets of Gold. 15,000 copies were donated to the prisons and available on the Chapel library shelves for inmates in more than 1500 different prison facilities.

We receive scores of testimonies each month from prisoners who have been impacted while reading this book and David's autobiography Jet Ride to Hell, Journey to Freedom. Many report Jesus has redirected them off the road to hell and onto their own personal Journey to Freedom in their prison cells.
Last Year we released a total of

In 2019 the Holy Spirit prompted me to revisit the teachings He'd given me over the last two decades to begin assembling, editing and packaging these as books for release on Amazon in Kindle and Softback versions online.

I obeyed and then searched the files on my computer and spent the next 45 days preparing these for publication. These books are now available around the world on Amazon.

Your partnership helped make this possible!

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Joanna and I want to personally say a big Thank you for your partnership during the recent years as well as those ahead.
God Bless You!