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Tools for Advisors | December 2019
Creative answers to clients' charity-specific questions
Throughout the holiday season, you might find clients are more frequently inclined to ask about specific nonprofits. Are they reputable and effective? Most advisors aren’t aware of how charities in the Wichita area are being managed. We’re here to equip you with strategies to tackle these conversations:

  • Tell your client to consider the source – If a friend is asking them to support a specific cause, tell the client to ask about the organization to find out if it’s a fit for them. It gives the friend a chance to explain how that nonprofit is making an impact.
  • If the charity is new or not one you’ve heard of, suggest that your client start with something other than money – If your client isn't completely comfortable making a monetary donation, suggest volunteering for a few hours, donating items or attending one of their events.
  • Encourage your client to go online – Be sure to look at the charity’s tax return, the Form 990, available through This provides a glimpse of the nonprofit’s financial stability.

Above all, remember WCF is here to help. We work with many nonprofits in Wichita - James Woods can assist with research or questions.
Another year-end option: donor advised funds
Donor advised funds (DAFs) are popular because they allow an individual or family to make a tax-deductible transfer that qualifies as a charitable contribution, and then later recommend gifts to charities when they feel the time is right. A DAF operates much like a checking account just for charity.

While DAFs are available through a variety of providers, community foundations are uniquely positioned to offer the inherent tax and transactional benefits your clients expect, plus the added advantage of community knowledge and a well-connected team to enrich your clients' philanthropic experience. In addition, a community foundation DAF gives a wide range of options for successor advisors and for the charities your clients want to support.
WCF year-end dates to remember
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