2019 - What a Year!

We shared the most exciting news with you yesterday, but we have more! The Mason team and our clients have successfully made it through another tax season. This tax season was different than prior years for several reasons.  First, tax payers who always received a refund, may have had to write a check. Second, anxiety levels were higher than prior years because of the lack of clarity on Virginia conformity as well as the overall level of uncertainty in how the new tax code would impact each family. Third, the Mason team was more prepared than ever before which helped alleviate the pain of number one and two. We want to thank every client who contributed to Traditional and Roth IRAs well before the April 15 th deadline. We had fewer last minute contributions this year than ever before. In addition, we have been pushing for as many electronic contributions as possible. Electronic funds transfers from bank accounts to IRAs is by far the most efficient way for our office to process these contributions. Thank you for helping us get through this busy and stressful time of year. We also thank you for support during this time and understanding that the first couple months of the year are often our busiest.