2020 Year in Review

When the year 2020 began, no one could have predicted the extraordinary challenges this year would bring to our communities, our nation, and the world. As the year ends, there are many hopeful signs for the future, even as we mourn those who have been lost, or left behind, or have suffered personal or economic losses during this difficult year. Vaccines are now being approved and distributed, therapeutics are available for those who contract the virus, and enhanced technology has allowed us to connect with others personally, professionally, and educationally in ways never thought before. The ingenuity, grit, and determination of our fellow citizens has been both inspiring and life-sustaining.
Our legal family has persevered in exceptional ways throughout these unforeseen struggles. Even before a massive lockdowns occurred in March, our office announced that our staff would work remotely for as long as the health of our colleagues and clients required us to do so. At the same time, because our pre-existing technology was robust, our work has continued effectively, as we have been able to overcome many hurdles and continue apace with client meetings, court hearings, document signings, and a full array of legal services through remote access and virtual activities. We have even created a cutting-edge system of "drive-by notarization" when it is necessary to personally observe/notarize documents to be signed, while maintaining appropriate health and safety measures for everyone concerned.
We recognize and honor the challenges and struggles that so many of our clients have faced, whether it has involved challenges in obtaining appropriate special education programming, creating critical estate planning documents, administering estates, addressing Title IX issues in schools, and all other activities of our practice. As 2020 comes (thankfully) to a close, we want to extend our sincere appreciation to our clients, our colleagues, and especially to everyone who works to keep us safe, whether it be first responders, medical personnel, congregate care staffing, and so many others. We look forward to a happier and healthier 2021, and we are ready to serve our clients and the community in every way possible.
Snapshots from 2020
And of course, we cannot forget about our "Work-From-Home" helpers!
Looking forward to a happy and healthy New Year!

We are here to help during these trying times.
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