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Second year of programming complete
The start of summer marks the end of the Lepage Center’s second year of programming.
The Center launched its second year of programming in fall 2018 with an event on American democracy in historical perspective .
Over the past academic year we’ve brought historical perspective and scholarship to bear on important societal issues such as American democracy , global democracy , activism , everyday life , China , Venezuela , museums and public history .

We’ve hosted a workshop on op-ed writing , our second History Career Day , and launched a podcast mini-series on the 50th anniversary of 1968, " 1968: In Hindsight ." We've also distributed hundreds of resources to teachers and students in classrooms in Philadelphia and area suburbs.
Missed any events from this year? A list is on our website, selected videos are on YouTube, and highlights are on Twitter at the hashtag #LepageAtVU .
Our public programming will be on hold for the summer. We’ll return in the fall with fresh events that bring historical perspective to contemporary issues. Stay tuned to our website and newsletter for announcements.
Blog continues
Our blog, Hindsights, will continue to publish throughout the summer . Our latest posts include:
The Crisis in Venezuela
As the political and humanitarian crises in Venezuela continue, our Faculty Director Paul Steege and Villanova historian Cristina Soriano sat down with NYU historian Alejandro Velasco for a conversation on Venezuela's past and where Venezuelans go from here.

Goodbye to our Fellows
We recently said goodbye to this year's outstanding History Communication Fellows, Andrea Spencer and Jubilee Marshall.
Each year, one undergraduate student and one graduate student work with the Lepage Center sharpening their skills in communicating historical scholarship to public audiences.
Our fellows were instrumental to the success of our events, resources, social media, and podcasts. Here's what they said about their experiences:
Andrea Spencer:

" I chose to do this fellowship because I wanted to experience working outside of academic history. This fellowship helped to widen my perspective and see all the work it takes to translate history to the public ."

Jubilee Marshall:

" I’m really interested in public history and education, and I found that this fellowship was a great way of learning the pedagogical methods and the practical skills that are necessary to translate history to a broader audience. "
Read more about what our Fellows accomplished on the Fellowships page of our website. N ew Fellows will join us in the fall.
Welcoming former Foreign Minister of Germany Markus Meckel
From left to right: Jason Steinhauer, Director of the Lepage Center; Dr. Lynne Hartnett, Associate Professor of History, Director of Graduate Program; Markus Meckel, former German Foreign Minister; Dr. Paul Steege, Associate Professor of History, Faculty Director, Lepage Center.
Earlier this month the Lepage Center welcomed Markus Meckel, former German Foreign Minister, for an intimate conversation on history, politics, democracy, and the end of the Cold War 30 years later. In 1989, Meckel co-founded the Social Democratic Party in East Germany and was actively involved in Germany's transition from communism to democracy. He is also a past president of the German War Graves Commission. He is currently working on a memoir.
Call for proposals, history and policy at the Luskin Center (UCLA)
Our partner organization on the West Coast, the Luskin Center for History and Policy at UCLA, has issued a call for research proposals at the intersection of history and policy. The center seeks to support collaborative projects that will use historical analysis to address contemporary challenges. More information can be found on the Luskin Center website.
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