Engaging God's Vision for the Citywide Church in NEO.

After having pastored for 25 years, 17 of those in Greater Cleveland, we along with other area pastors launched into the unknown... the collaborative formation of HarvestNet Ministries. That was now 18 years ago!  Your gracious partnerships of time, talent and treasure have enabled us to continue serving in this very unique ministry whose mission is to " Engage God's Vision for the Citywide Church."

HarvestNet's varied efforts and projects are focused on engaging Jesus' John 17 prayer, because the Citywide "Cap-C" church by definition is a collaborative expression of shepherd leaders and their congregations throughout the city.   We try to do this by facilitating a unifying of leadership around prayer, relationship building, and cooperative efforts that advance Christ's citywide Kingdom purposes. See below for some examples of on-going HarvestNet initiatives.

Your year- end donation will help us continue to do that and more.
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On behalf of all our staff and volunteer servants,
Thank you for your good will, your support and your freely given gifts!

Tom Hare
Executive Director 
HarvestNet Ministries is a 501-c-3 Federally Tax Exempt Organization
Pastors' & Ministry Leaders' Region-wide Prayer Gatherings
Building Leadership Relationships Through Prayer

One of our primary goals is to lean into Jesus' Gethsemane prayer in John 17 that His leaders (and thus God's people) would be witnessed by the world as being in unity, just as Jesus & The Father are unified.  

There are two ways we are pursuing this....

We sponsor monthly pastors' and ministry leaders' prayer gatherings to provide a space for leadership relationship building, as well as facilitate collegial prayer for one another - as well as broadcast pastors prayer gatherings sponsored by other city-reaching ministries such as ACTS, LOVE AKRON, UPIM and UNO.

Pastors + Associates - sign up HERE to receive the leadership prayer gatherings date, time & location info.


Working together with other intercessory warriors, we are also launching a regional WEB-based prayer tool - the Greater Cleveland Prayer Shield

This is a website that we hope to see populated by all existing intercessory prayer groups, prayer meetings, church prayer gatherings and houses of prayer that are open to the general Christian community. The aim is to make it possible for believers to see visible connectivity among these existing prayer efforts - and to then be able to fill in any gaps with new prayer gatherings - to the end of seeing 24/7 Prayer Shield coverage emerge over the 7 county Northeast Ohio region!  

ASAP (All School Assembly Programs)
Outreaches to Middle and High School Youth

Our goal is to help....
We want to partner with local churches to build positive relationships with the middle and high schools in their communities and create open doors of ministry access and service.

How do we do this?
Our staff makes a connection with schools in communities where at least 3 churches will agree to cooperate together with one another and with us in a given school district. We provide the school with a top rate, positive life-message daytime assembly, and inform them that we will also offer an after-party and faith-based ComeBack that evening. Here the Gospel is presented and churches follow-up. 

This Fall alone saw assembly presentations to over 9,000 students, with over 1,100 returning to the evening ComeBack, and 330 make a step of commitment to follow Jesus! 

How can you help?
You and your church can become a core member of our ASAP Community Steering Team, and/or help sponsor an ASAP in your community, and/or you can help financially underwrite this cause of taking the message of hope and life throughout the 7 counties of NE Ohio that we serve. One day of assemblies with a ComeBack typically averages about $1,500 - $2,000.

Give to help our grow our ASAP outreach & follow-up program....       


Bible and Practical Ministry & Leadership Training

HarvestNet Institute offers training opportunities in the form of Five-week long courses, seminars, Mars Hill Forums, conferences and overseas ministry trips. 
Upcoming courses and seminars include:  Apologetics, Old Testament Survey from a Messianic Perspective, Methods of Effective Bible Study, Genesis & the Foundations of Faith, and more.

Contact the HNI Registrar for Spring course info  here

ISRAEL  2018  Roots of Faith Tour                                   

Consider joining our exciting, informative and very inspirational Israel Study Tour scheduled for April 2018.   
Click on the link immediately following to look at the trip itinerary, costs, and other information about this inspiring study tour.

Get a taste of the tour.  
Consider attending one of several 2018 Tour Info Meetings in February, March or April of 2017. 

HarvestNet Ministries

Our Mission: 
To Engage God's Vision for the Citywide Church.