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All of the Firsts: First Recreational Sale in Oregon and Other Firsts by Yerba Buena Farms 

Hillsboro, OR:   

On October 6, 2016, history was made in the state of Oregon as the first recreational cannabis sale was made under Measure 91.  The sale took place between Yerba Buena Farms and Canna-daddy’s. 

While many shops currently sell recreational cannabis under the temporary rules, they are still licensed through the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) and have been selling medical cannabis that has not been tested, licensed or regulated by the new recreational rules as regulated by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC).  

This week, the first retail outlets were awarded their licenses from the OLCC so that recreational/adult use sales can now take place in the state using the state-mandated seed-to-sale CTS (Cannabis Tracking System).  

Yerba Buena has achieved many milestones as we pave the way for this emerging industry: 

       • Yerba Buena was among the first recreational producer licenses to be        
       • Yerba Buena had the first several recreational harvests in Oregon
       • Yerba Buena conducted the first business-to-business transfer of recreational           product to Pixis Labs for testing
       • Yerba Buena has now made the first sale to a retailer
       • Yerba Buena was the first producer to receive banking privileges
       • Yerba Buena was the first cultivator to receive a rebate for the Energy Trust             of Oregon for their commitment to sustainability and renewable energy


Yerba Buena Farms has been paving the way for recreational sales since being one of the first 8 producers awarded their recreational license by the OLCC on April 29th, 2016.  Yerba Buena is a mixed tier 2 Clean Green Certified recreational producer and has been hailed by the OLCC for their commitment to compliance as they set standards in this industry. 

Yerba Buena started as a shared vision between a mentor and mentee in February of 2015. Over an 8-month period, Yerba Buena grew into one of the largest medicinal cooperatives in the state. Yerba Buena now employs 30 full-time employees.   

Yerba Buena’s team is built from nationally sought-after talent from around the country. The diverse team of professionals hail from various backgrounds including cannabis horticulture, business management, marketing, data analysis, legal counsel and construction. Yerba Buena’s team is committed to sustainability, consistent and unparalleled quality, social responsibility, and compliance.  

Laura Rivero, Operations Manager at Yerba Buena, said, “Yerba Buena has worked incredibly hard to set an exemplary standard for the cannabis industry in professionalism, organization and attention to detail while maintaining the spirit of the plant and passion for the movement.”  

Brad Zusman from Canna Daddy’s said, “It’s a refreshing change to know I can count on a great company like Yerba Buena to deliver a large selectin of top-shelf cannabis at great prices to stock our shelves on an ongoing basis.” 

Ryan Johnstone, Sale and Marketing Manager at Yerba Buena said, “The opportunity to provide cannabis to the recreational market is finally here. We recognize the sacrifices made by the early pioneers. Yerba Buena contributes to developing a positive reputation for our industry by producing quality product and operating an organized business.” 

Preston Greene, General Manager at Yerba Buena, said, “We wish to thank Canna Daddy’s, the OLCC, METRC, the state of Oregon and all of our service partners for their hard work and commitment to moving the cannabis industry forward.” 

Mark Pettinger, Public Relations Director for OLCC said, “As in any industry the participants have different levels of experience and sophistication.  As one of the first licensees, Yerba Buena was exceptional right out of the  gate.  Establishing a regulated recreational marijuana industry from scratch requires learning and sharing on both sides – regulatory and industry – and Yerba Buena really shined in that “learning” environment.” 

One of the bloom rooms at Yerba Buena
The Yerba Buena Team
The Yerba Buena Team

Yerba Buena's Blueberry Cookies
Yerba Buena's Golden State Cookies

On April 29, 2016 the state of Oregon issued the state’s first recreational cannabis business licenses. Yerba Buena Is both proud and honored to be included in this initial group of licensees.  

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