Thanks for sticking with us as Linda has been working with Jim Thvedt on his contribution to Sharp & to the Point . Jim makes replica late Medieval-early Renaissance handtools to use in building replica late Medieval-early Renaissance clavichords. Jim’s been a customer almost as long as Hock Tools has been in business. We know him as a thorough type of guy, who is passionate about his woodworking tools. Jim takes you through his journey getting close to woodworkers of the Renaissance era. His choices given the little amount of time he has to spend in his shop (like many woodworkers, Jim has an intense day job and a busy family life), deciding to make concessions on what’s available today in terms of wood, and sometimes choosing practicality to create efficiencies that fly in the face of authenticity is a great woodworker story.

Also, this issue includes Ben Hodson’s photos of the planes he’s assembled using four different Hock Tools kits. Ben personalized the shapes and added his own logo, making them truly his. Also, we ask people who participate in the photo album if they have any advice for other woodworkers about their experiences with Hock Tools. Ben speaks to keeping the throat tight when you make our planes. I want to thank Ben and let you know that I’m grateful for his enthusiasm!

Of course, if there’s anything you need from Hock Tools, please let me know.