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From the JVA Office: 6 Pillars to Leaders Others
While certain people may be given more authority (‘in charge’)… leading is actually a choice. It’s not a title. It’s not a position. It’s not a rank. It’s choice. It’s a mindset. Regardless of where you fall on the org chart, you, decide whether or not you are a leader. Here are six pillars to leading others that directors, coaches and athletes can apply to this season.
The JVA is pleased to announce 16 individuals honored with the 2019 JVA Junior Club Service Award. The growth of our sport, along with the consistent success of the JVA would not exist without the dedication and loyalty of the coaches, club directors and administrators of JVA member clubs. We are so thankful to these individuals for their service to junior volleyball for over 20 years.
J VA Launches R2 Training Video for Clubs
Prepare your teams to keep score, track the libero and down ref at a tournament when they are the assigned work team. JVA's Officiating and Score keeper training materials will help your athletes understand the rules prior to your first tournament of the year
The JVA is pleased to announce another record breaking year for the JVA Sponsor Program as 16 beach clubs are named 2020 JVA Beach Sponsor Clubs. In the fifth consecutive year of the JVA Sponsor Program, the 16 beach clubs join the 64 indoor clubs that will be receiving a portion of the $200,000 the JVA is awarding its members this season.
Don't Miss These Events During the 2019 AVCA Convention
We are anticipating this year to be one of the best AVCA Convention's yet. "Why" you ask? Here's a look at the on court and classroom sessions for indoor and beach, along with details on the keynote speaker, Alan Stein, Jr headlining the JVA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh next month.
Champion Volleyball Club  (Winston-Salem,, NC) shares a 5 part passing progression series to focus on small arm movements, quick footwork, and staying in a low body position.
Helpful Reading and Resources
F our ways to get recruited if you're not from a hotbed region
From Our Partner NCSA
Like it or not, recruiting hotbeds are a real thing. When it comes to volleyball, California, Chicagoland, Louisville, Indianapolis and Texas tend to be the areas most commonly recruited by college coaches. But if you’re not from those areas, don’t panic. Here are four tips to help you get on the radar of college coaches —no matter where you’re located.
5 keys to a smooth transition from HS to club volleyball
From Our Partner, Art of Coaching Volleyball
Anyone who plays both high school and club volleyball understands just how different they are. The transition from one to the other can often be difficult, starting back at square one with a new team.

Share these 5 tips with your players to help make the process a little smoother. Learn more .
Bring online fundraising to your club
From Our Partner Double Good
Sell the most ridiculously delicious gourmet popcorn, get 50% profit,
and say goodbye to the headaches of traditional fundraising . Learn more.
Team Bonding and Cohesion Guides Team to Success
From Our Partner, SportsEngine
While it may seem as if focusing on drills and technical skills is the best way to find success as a team, several Junior Volleyball Association coaches said strong relationships between players has a bigger impact. Read more.
Registration is Open for AAU Volleyball Nationals
From Our Partner, AAU Volleyball
Registration has officially been opened for AAU Volleyball Nationals (Boys & Girls), the 18U May Girls’ Nationals, the Volleyball Classic, and the Honolulu Grand Prix. To register for any of these events,  CLICK HERE. For more information on these events, visit .
AAU Honolulu Grand Prix!
The 4 th  Annual Honolulu Grand Prix will take place over President’s Day Weekend February 15-17 th  in Honolulu, Hawaii!   CLICK HERE   for more information and top register!
Club Culture By the Numbers, Why Athletes Choose (or don't choose) Your Club.
From Our Partner, Hudl
Volleyball sea­son is here, and we have every­thing you need to know so you can get the most out of Hudl this year. Read more.
#DigIVThem This Season!
From Our Partner, The Side-Out Foundation
Gather your volleyball club and let's  HONOR the 150,000  individuals living with stage IV breast cancer by helping the club volleyball community complete 150,000 digs this season! 

To  learn how  your club team can be a part of The Dig-A-Thon,  click here !
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