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 August 2015 


There's a lot of marketing aimed at women practicing yoga - clothing, accessories, Instagram contests. We can guess that women make up most of the students in a class.


A 2014 Yoga Journal survey bears that out. It found that only about 18 percent of the 20.4 million people who practice yoga are men.  


So we'll have to rely on the women reading this to point out our article on why men should take up yoga.  


We have several men interested in a beginner's workshop (time/day to be determined) so if your guy wants to know what yoga is all about, have him give us a call at 462-3900. We'll be posting more info later. 


We're offering a couples massage class in September. Get the details below and call us with questions or to register.  


Meanwhile, if you need a massage after hours, don't forget we can fit you in over the weekend or in the evening.   


We're excited to be partnering with Dr. Jaime Sanchez again to offer Yoga Teacher Training! You can read a bit of info below as well as follow a link to an interview with Jaime. But keep an eye out for more information we'll be posting in a few months.    


Ready to finally give tai chi a try? Jerry Whitten is starting a new 10-week session mid-August.  


Yoga class announcements: 

  • Yoga Teacher Training is August 8-9. Tracey Curtis's Sunday class will be canceled. 
  • As the student teachers near the end of their program, they're practicing their skills. Our Thursday 6-7 pm class is student-led - just $5.
We offer a wide variety of classes and times as well as services to give you a pick-me-up.  




Theresa Franklin, NCTMB, LMT, RYT, CMT
Olivia Kelly, NCTMB, LMT


  taichi Learn the Art of Massage
Learn to practice some "healing touch" on your partner with this special couples massage class.

You'll learn how to:
  • massage your loved ones
  • massage without getting tired
  • communicate in a new way with your partner
Class includes 3 hours of hands-on instruction on specific massage techniques, a printed take-home handout and a bottle of massage oil.

Price is $150 per couple and will be held Saturday, September 26, 9:00 am - noon.

Call 462-3900 to register or for more information.

Feature Article

Peacock Pose
workshop Real Men Do Practice Yoga
Listen up, men!

Here's what yoga isn't. It isn't about sitting around chanting or meditating. It isn't about sharing your feelings with the class (unless you want to). It isn't just for women. In fact, women weren't even allowed to practice yoga in the beginning.

Although yoga dates back thousands of years, the yoga we know is only about a century old. Krishnamacharya was born during the era of British rule in India at a time when yoga was discouraged. But he learned the practice and studied other classical Indian disciplines including Sanskrit and Ayurveda (Indian medicine). In the 1930s, he developed Ashtanga yoga, a physically demanding style ideal for fit and active youth and men.

Indira Devi finally persuaded Krishnamacharya to teach her and she became the first female yoga teacher. In 1947 she opened the first yoga studio in this country, in Hollywood, where Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, and Gloria Swanson were her students. Now yoga is marketed almost exclusively to women with fashion, Instagram photo contests and accessories.

But...real men do practice yoga.

Men like Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who has been practicing yoga for six years. Or the entire Seattle Seahawks team. Or Mark Divine, retired Navy Seal and creator of Sealfit and Warrior Yoga.

You can't get more macho than Special Ops.

These athletes and warriors know what yoga can do for them:
* improve their balance and stability, making it easier for those fast twists and directional changes needed for sports, combat;
* teach them breath control, helping with pre-game and battle jitters;
* strengthen their muscles, especially the core, where much of our power starts.

Yoga is beneficial off the mat too. That core stability and strength comes in handy when you have to lift a heavy load, such as a firefighter might. And yoga's emphasis on focusing on the breath can be a big help when feeling anxious about that big presentation to the boss.

Want a full-body workout? Try yoga. You don't even have to be an advanced practitioner who can do Peacock pose to reap all the benefits (but if you can, more power to you!).

  workshop32016 Yoga Teacher Training

Once again we're partnering with world-renown yoga instructor Jaime Sanchez, ND, to offer yoga teacher training. This is our fourth year and we're just as excited to share this opportunity as we were in our first year.

Whether you're interested in becoming a certified yoga teacher or just want to deepen your understanding of this ancient practice, you'll learn from one of the best.

As founder of the oldest teacher training program in St. Louis, Dr. Jaime Sanchez will share his decades of experience. He brings together meditation, pranayama (breath work), core movement and physical awareness in one 200-hour course. This Yoga Teacher Training course is an internationally recognized certification course that is registered with the Yoga Alliance.

Questions? Call us at 462-3900 and watch for more information later in the year. Click here to read a previous article on Jaime Sanchez.

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Hot Stone Therapy

The use of hot smooth basalt stones used as tools to enhance your massage.

Applied with oil, the stones glide across the skin, warming and loosening the underlying tissues.

This is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic massage.

To schedule a Hot Stone Massage, call 462-3900
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Are you a yoga practitioner who loves to share your passion with others? 


We're looking for certified yoga teachers to add to our staff. If interested, give us a call at 462-3900. 


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The next 10-week Tai Chi session with Jerry Whitten begins the week of August 17. Cost is $60.

Monday evening  
Intro to Tai Chi - 5:30-6:30   

Int. Tai Chi - 6:30-7:30

Adv. Tai Chi - 7:30-8:30


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Don't forget!

We have evening and weekend massage therapy appointments so don't let a busy weekday schedule prevent you from getting the care you need.

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