A bi-weekly e-brief of the DEC Children's Action Network
★  On October 21st, the U.S. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services released a policy brief on the use of technology with early learners to help families implement active, meaningful and socially interactive learning. The brief includes a call to action for researchers and technology developers, highlighting topics for futher research and encouraging the development of research-based products. 

★ On October 20th, the U.S Department of Education released non-regulatory guidance to help ensure young children from birth through third-grade get the strong start they need to achieve success in school and in life. This is the Department's first comprehensive look at how the nation's new education law supports our youngest learners.

★  On October 12th, the U.S. Department of Education published regulations in teacher preparation. The regulations build on progress happening across the country and take into account the extensive and valuable feedback shared with the Department since draft rules were first released. 

Other updates, courtesy of the Council for Exceptional Children:

  • Consider reaching out to candidates in the 2016 election, including those for local, state, and federal office, by asking them targeted questions about their views and plans for early childhood. Check out the Save the Children Action Network for ideas and prompts you can use. 
  • DEC is still seeking a new Policy Council Chair! Ashley Lyons has served as Council Chair since its inception in 2014, but will now be transitioning into a new role at DEC focused on building up the Children's Action Network. DEC believes strongly in building leadership, and it is time for a new chair to continue the important work of planning and supporting DEC policy and advocacy activities that reflect the formal position of DEC, including developing and maintaining strategies and initiatives that are central to supporting DEC's missions and believes. Please consider applying today! The application will remain open until filled. 
  • Thanks to everyong who made the DEC 2016 conference a success! Select resources from policy and advocacy specific sessions will be made available at decpolicy.org in the near future.
  • We continue to seek new members who are interested in supporting our work. New members to the Council will be considered "at-large" and will shadow exhisting members to ensure a smooth transition. If you want to stay up-to-date about what is happening in the field and within DEC and would like to lend your voice, please complete the application survey so we can match you to opportunities that firs tbest with you interests, experience, and availabiliy. 
Children's Action Network
1 - DEC Advocacy Webinar
  • What: Follow up from the 32nd Annual International DEC Conference on Young Children with Disabilities and Their Families
  • When: Friday, October 28th at 4 to 5pm ET (Tomorrow!)
  • Where: GoToTraining
  • How to attend: Register for the webinar at 

    After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the training. 
2 -   DEC Advocacy Webinar 
  • What: DEC Advocacy Weginar 
  • Where: Go-To-Training
  • When: December 12 th, 11am - 12pm EST
  • How to Attend: Mark your calendars now! Registration link will be available in the next Yes DEC CAN! eBrief. 
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Have an early childhood special education policy or advocacy story you would like to share? Whether you are a Subdivision leader/member or just an interested DEC member unaffiliated with a Subdivision, contact brittany@dec-sped.org or DEC CAN Coordinator anlyons@kent.edu to share what's happening in your state or Subdivision or just to bring awareness to an important policy or advocacy issue relevant to DEC. 
Please note that all story submissions must be non-partisan in nature. If you are interested in guidance on how to craft your story and/or how to ensure it is non-partisan, Ashley Lyons will be happy to help! Selected stories will be shared in a future issue of YES DEC CAN!